Friday Rumors: Domonic Brown Tops the Wish List

We’re less than 48 hours away from the trade deadline…

-The big rumor today isn’t actually a rumor for the Pirates.  However, it has a lot of Pirates fans salivating at a great possibility to upgrade the team for the long term.  The rumor is that the Philadelphia Phillies are offering top outfield prospect Domonic Brown, along with starting pitching prospect Jarred Cosart, plus other players, in exchange for Hunter Pence.  Meanwhile, the Astros would prefer to spin Brown elsewhere to get multiple prospects.

That’s where Pirates fans come in with their wish list.  If the cost for two years of Hunter Pence would cost Brown, Cosart, and more, then the equivalent for the Pirates would be Jameson Taillon, Luis Heredia, and more.  That’s not a price the Pirates should pay.  However, if Philadelphia is crazy enough to deal Domonic Brown, and if Houston is crazy enough to not want him, the Pirates would be smart to step in as the third team, giving Houston the prospects they want for Brown.

Would you trade Taillon for Brown?

Again, this isn’t a rumor for the Pirates.  It’s just a wish list, and I’m sure a lot of other teams have the same wish list.  However, the Pirates might have the perfect piece for a Brown trade: Jameson Taillon.  Taillon would be very appealing to Houston.  He’s got top of the rotation potential, and he’s a native of The Woodlands, TX, which is in the Houston area.  The Pirates would probably have to include more than Taillon, due to his placement in low-A, the uncertainty of prospects, and the fact that Brown is major league ready, and one of the top prospects in baseball, rated fourth overall by Baseball America coming in to the year.

For the Pirates, it would be tough to deal a guy like Taillon, but if you’re going to make such a move, this is when you make it.  Brown is under control through the 2016 season.  He’s a potential .300 hitter, with 20-25 home run power, above-average speed, and a very strong arm, making him the ideal right field candidate in Pittsburgh for the long term.  I can see why the Phillies might want to deal him for Pence, as they need immediate help.  I can see why the Astros might not want him, as they want pitching prospects.  That said, he would he a great addition for the Pirates.

Again, losing Taillon would be tough, but not as tough with Luis Heredia, Stetson Allie, and soon to be Gerrit Cole in the system.  Brown would rate as the best prospect in the system if he was prospect eligible.  He would also provide immediate help, and long term help at the same time.  It would hurt to give up Taillon, but you’re upgrading over Taillon, and adding immediate help and a better bet to have major league success.

It’s a wish list topic, and not a rumor.  If it was me, I wouldn’t hesitate to give up Taillon, Starling Marte, and another pitching prospect for Brown.  Then again, there are conflicting reports that Brown is even available, so this might be a wish list topic on a trade that has no chance of being made.

As for actual rumors today:

-The Pirates are still interested in B.J. Upton, but appear to be focused in other directions at the moment.

-The Pirates are still looking for outfield help, according to Jon Paul Morosi.

-Don’t expect the Pirates to even get a chance at landing Hunter Pence, as Houston might be reluctant to trade him to a NL Central team.

Mike Vukovcan of KDKA mentions that he hears Carlos Lee is on the Pirates’ radar.  Lee is owed $18.5 M next year and is on the decline, so this deal wouldn’t make sense unless Houston picked up a ton of salary.

  • “If it was me, I wouldn’t hesitate to give up Taillon, Starling Marte, and another pitching prospect for Brown. ”

    It would be a difficult deal but I agree because Brown will likely be an All-Star level OF for the next decade.

    Is your inclusion of Marte in this “deal” influenced by the progress of the lower level OFs who might have similar or higher ceiling as Marte?  Grossman, Polanco, Garcia, Osuna, Vasquez, and Fortunato …

    This list isn’t even including the recent signees (Ramirez and Escobar), and the soon-to-be-signees (Bell and Brown).

  • Not going to happen for a few reasons. First even if the Phils crumble and add Brown into the Pence deal the Astros are going to want a kings ransom for him. Aand if we were going to trade one of our so called “elite” prospects it wont be Taillion, maybe Allie plus a couple other lower level guys. Second, the Pirates are too darn narrow minded to have thoughts like that.They want to maximize profits. Not make this team better. Mark my words, and you can quote me, the pirates are going to wait till after the Phils clobber us the next few days, because we just cant hit with them, in fact it may get ugly, then within a few days after the deadline they will start dealing away folks like Corriea, Overbay(no big loss btw), Doumit and probably Diaz too. Then they will come and tell us ” Well we did the best we could, the price was just too high, better luck next year” and we all will eat it up and say thanx for the memories. Not me I know con when I see it. They had this all planned out back when we were getting close to the top probably back in mid May. Oh wait wasnt that when Nutting and Huntington came out and said ” We are going to get these guys some help. Just keep comming out and supporting us and we will do it” No thats not word for word but pretty close. Nutting is a businessman not a baseball guy, he saw a chance to make more money and he took it. String em along string em along then wait till its too late. Then spin it just right and CHACHING!!! MoMoney MoMoney MoMoney!!! Come on guys wake up and smell the coffee. This management team will never, AND i DO MEAN NEVER let this team get good cause it costs just too much money. I know what your gonna say, conspiracy theororist blah blah blah, but if you think about it, it makes sence. Just think about it Bucco Nation . Dont be marks

  • Perhaps the Astros would accept quantity over quality for Brown – something like Marte, Curry, Cain and Pounders.

  • I still want B.J Upton, maybe we can get Kotchman too