Roster Updates: Ciriaco, Presley, Tabata

  • My question is can Ciriaco find a way to be promoted for a 3rd time this season? With Cedeno, Wood and d’Arnaud all being SS, its going to be difficult but maybe he can pull it off.

  • Tough break for Ciriaco. Gotta admire how he was being used. That will leave a huge hole on the bench for Hurdle.

    • That’s OK, they can can cover the hole with a bucket of sunflower seeds.

    • if the Pirates were 15 games out of 1st place, then you have every right to gripe about the roster spot.  the fact that we are 1 game over 500 and only a handful of games out of first shows that the front office knows alot more about player placement than we do.