Mayo: Pirates Will Take Gerrit Cole

Jonathan Mayo reports that the Pirates will take Cole.

On Saturday, Dejan Kovacevic first reported that the Pittsburgh Pirates would be taking UCLA right handed pitcher Gerrit Cole with the first pick in the 2011 MLB draft.  With the draft being held at 7:00 PM this evening, Jonathan Mayo reports the same thing, that the Pirates will select Cole with the first overall pick.  Mayo also details the concerns surrounding Cole, noting that his big issue is a mechanical flaw with his delivery, and that his late season struggles don’t seem to be injury related, since there was no decline in his velocity.

Check out the 2011 Pirates Draft Preview to see why I wouldn’t mind the Cole selection, and why I would still rather have Anthony Rendon with the number one overall pick.

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Mike Adamson

I  LOVE the pick… Someday I will be watching Tallion and Cole on the same staff. Both guys throwing in the upper 90’s then mix in Morton and Mcdonald’s nastiness. Then we need just 1 of Heredia, Allie, Owens, or numerous other pitching prospects to pan out.

It’s just nice to have a bunch of legitimate prospects coming up.

Its the only way we can acquire power pitching. I like it

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