Lineups: West Virginia vs Lexington 6/28/11

Maggi is leading off for West Virginia tonight.

CHARLESTON — 30 minutes to first pitch …

Game: West Virginia Power vs Lexington Legends, 7:05 p.m.

Site: Appalachian Power Park.

Pitching: LHP Colton Cain vs RHP Rubin Alaniz.

Weather: 77 degrees.

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West Virginia Power:

1. Drew Maggi, SS
2. Dan Grovatt, RF
3. Mel Rojas Jr, CF
4. Justin Howard, 1B
5. Cole White, DH
6. Rogelios Noris, LF
7. Kawika Emsley-Pai, C
8. Kevin Mort, 2B
9. Eric Avila, 3B

Lexington Legends:

1. Delino DeShields Jr, 2B
2. Enrique Hernandez, LF
3. Mike Kvasnicka, 3B
4. Telvin Nash, DH
5. Tyler Burnett, 1B
6. Ben Heath, C
7. Emilio King, CF
8. Ben Orloff, SS
9. Bryce Lane, RF

Recapping today’s minor league transactions:

-The Pirates officially promoted Jordy Mercer and Anthony Norman to AAA Indianapolis.  Josh Rodriguez has been demoted to Altoona.

-Jairo Marquez has been promoted from West Virginia to Bradenton.  Porfirio Lopez has been demoted from Bradenton to West Virginia.

UPDATE 7:02 PM: Getting some pictures at the start of the game, then getting some readings for Cain.  Follow the progress of the game on Twitter.


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