Lineups: State College vs Auburn

Allie makes his debut tonight against the Auburn Doubledays.

STATE COLLEGE — One hour to first pitch …

Game: State College Spikes vs Auburn Doubledays, 7:05 p.m.

Site: Medlar Field at Lubrano Park.

Pitching: RHP Stetson Allie vs RHP Kelvin Lopez.

Weather: 75 degrees. Overcast.

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State College Spikes:

1. Taylor Lewis, CF
2. Justin Bencsko, RF
3. Carlos Mesa, DH
4. Samuel Gonzalez, C
5. Exicardo Cayonez, LF
6. Brian Sharp, 3B
7. Walker Gourley, 1B
8. Jorge Bishop, 2B
9. Kirk Singer, SS

Auburn Doubledays:

1. Seth Bynum, DH
2. Khayyan Norfolk, 2B
3. Russell Moldenhauer, 1B
4. Adrian Nieto, C
5. Matt Skole, 3B
6. Rick Hughes, RF
7. Caleb Ramsey, LF
8. Angelberth Montilla, CF
9. Bryce Ortega, SS

I’m hearing that Allie has been pitching four innings at a time in Extended Spring Training, and that he is expected to go that amount tonight.  The tarp was on the field briefly before the game.  A little bit of rain, and now it’s just overcast.

Minor note, I heard that Mitchell Fienemann has been converted to a sidearm pitcher.  That makes sense, as his velocity has been in the mid-80s every time I’ve seen him.  The drop in arm slot should add movement, making his mid-80s fastball harder to hit.  However, that doesn’t really speak well for his chances of becoming more than organizational depth in the lower levels.

UPDATE 6:43 PM: Just found out that the Pirates have agreed to terms with 4th round pick Colten Brewer.  Game is about to begin in 20 minutes.  I’ll be heading down to the field level to get some pictures and radar readings of Allie.  I’m implementing the Stetson Allie rule: get your photos and readings early.  No guarantee he gets out of the first inning.  I’ll have updates on my Twitter feed.

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