Lineups: State College vs Auburn 6/22/11

Kingham makes his second start of the year tonight.

STATE COLLEGE — One hour to first pitch …

Game: State College Spikes vs Auburn Doubledays, 7:05 p.m.

Site: Medlar Field at Lubrano Park.

Pitching: RHP Nick Kingham vs LHP Ryan Demmin.

Weather: 84 degrees.

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State College Spikes:

1. Alex Fuselier, CF
2. Kirk Singer, SS
3. Samuel Gonzalez, C
4. Carlos Mesa, RF
5. Chris Lashmet, 1B
6. Wes Freeman, LF
7. Exicardo Cayonez, DH
8. Walker Gourley, 3B
9. Jorge Bishop, 2B

Auburn Doubledays:

1. Seth Bynum, SS
2. Khayyan Norfork, 2B
3. Russell Moldenhauer, 1B
4. Adrian Nieto, C
5. Matt Skole, 3B
6. Angelberth Montilla, RF
7. Caleb Ramsey, LF
8. Roberto Perez, DH
9. Connor Rowe, CF

Tonight marks the debut for Alex Fuselier and Chris Lashmet, two 2011 draft picks.

UPDATE 6:57 PM: Accidentally had Chris Lashmet listed as a third baseman.  He’s actually at first base.  Going down to the field level to get some photos of Kingham and the new guys.  Check my Twitter feed for updates.


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