The Pre-Sales Have Shipped

One final update on the status of the pre-sales.  Yesterday I received the books, and after pulling an all-nighter (thank you, The Walking Dead marathon), all of the pre-sales have been packaged and shipped out.  If you ordered today before 5:00 PM, your order was also shipped out today.  If you ordered after 5:00 PM, your order will be shipped out tomorrow morning.

From here on out, when you place an order, it will be shipped the next business day.  I will be shipping out the previous day’s orders the following morning.  Technically the book is now on sale, although the official “release date” is on Monday, January 24th.  The reason for the release date is to signify the end of the “pre-sale” period, which also is the time frame for the promotion to win two free tickets to the 2011 home opener.  Every book that is purchased during this period gets you one entry in the drawing for the tickets.  I will hold the drawing on Monday, and ship out the tickets when I receive them, which will be in February.  That gives you four more days to place your order and have it qualify for the drawing.

For those of you who have already ordered the book, I thank you.  I will be sending out e-mails tomorrow morning making sure you got the details of the shipment, such as the tracking information.  I’ve mentioned before how important this book is for the growth of the site.  Since this is the first edition of the book, I have a feeling that people might not know what to expect.  If you enjoy the book, tell your friends, or talk about it on your favorite forum, to help spread the word.

If you haven’t ordered the book yet, you can purchase it by clicking below:

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You mention some good candidates to move up to Indy for the playoffs, but you left off the biggest name. Gerrit Cole.

mike & rachel

Cut Barajas next year, make mckenry and Sanchez platoon with Mckenry being the primary

mike & rachel

I didn’t know at 30 that Sanchez was still a prospect? Lol however Barajas is hitting a Buc something for the summer so I guess Sanchez is still in play for the Bucs

Lee Young

Sanchez isn’t 30 (either in rankings or age)…not sure what you mean by that.


Stefan Welch, hasn’t he been described at times, as an organizational player? At any rate, good for him.
Lambo’s big night will be something for him to remember when he’s out of the game, which most likely will not be far away.
It’s a nice reward for deserving players to see them called up or playing towards playoff games.
Tony Sanchez, is this a critical month for him? He hasn’t been impressive offensively at all at the higher levels. I know he’s on all the prospect lists, but should he stay there?

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