Keith Law’s Prospect Rankings

Keith Law rates Taillon as the number 30 prospect in the majors.

Keith Law has released his top 100 prospects in baseball, along with his organizational top 10 prospects, both on ESPN Insider.

In the top 100, Law ranks Jameson Taillon 30th, and Tony Sanchez 63rd.  He also lists Luis Heredia in his ten prospects who just missed the top 100, mentioning that Heredia’s lack of experience, and questions about how good his off-speed stuff is, kept him off the list.

The number 30 ranking is probably the lowest we’ll see Taillon this off-season. had him at #18, and considering Baseball America rated him as one of the top 20 draft prospects in the last 20 years, I’d say he will end up higher than 18 on their list.  That might not be a surprise for Law.  He rated Pedro Alvarez in the 30s last year, while everyone else had Alvarez in the top 15 or the top 10.

As for the top 10, after Taillon, Sanchez, and Heredia, Law has Stetson Allie, Rudy Owens, Jeff Locke, Justin Wilson, Bryan Morris, Starling Marte, and Zack Von Rosenberg.

There are a few surprises there.  Having Bryan Morris behind Owens, Locke, and Wilson is the biggest surprise.  Morris rated 6th in Baseball America’s top 10, with Owens and Locke directly following him, and Wilson off the list.  You could make an argument for Owens and Locke right ahead of Morris, especially if you’re concerned about his health, but I can’t see an argument for Wilson ahead of Morris, due to Wilson’s control issues.  Starling Marte rated 4th on the Baseball America list, but 9th on Law’s list.

  • I remember both of these vividly…the Miller trade and that long game!

    • So how did you feel about the trade then when it happened? Obviously it worked out well. Reminds me a little of the Lopez for Bowker/Martinez deal, two younger players(just happens to be an outfielder and pitcher too) with MLB experience for a reliever

      • At the time, I only knew of Jeter and was worried he’d become a star. I knew nothing of Miller other than his bubblegum card (no internet back then…lol).

        It turned out really well. Miller was awesome. I have no idea what kind of pitcher he was. It is always fun to read about someone from my past and read “He was a sinker/slider pitcher, or he had a 95 MPH fb, etc, etc”

        Other than Bob Veale’s radio ball, Vern Law’s uncanny control, Face’s forkball, etc, little was mentioned about who threw what.