Catching up

Ten days ago, I boarded a plane in Minneapolis, the site of the Penguins’ first Stanley Cup title, and headed back to Pittsburgh. I arrived home around 7:00 PM. Approximately four hours later, the Pens were hoisting their third Cup in Detroit. Another six hours passed and I was on a flight to Florida. Over the past two weeks, the only Pirates baseball I have been able to watch was a few minutes between periods of that momentous Game 7. Unfortunately, this personal struggle has been all too common so far this season. It has been a special occasion when I have had the chance to sit down and watch an entire game, let alone take the time to write a meaningful post.

I tell you this. It is extremely frustrating to find yourself working eleven-hour days in Minneapolis during the MLB draft. It’s not easy to find much information on someone like 39th round pick Keifer Nuncio when you only have three minutes to investigate on a Blackberry. I don’t know what I would do without Wilbur Miller.

One thing that real life interfered with was my personal countdown of the Pirates’ top 25 prospects. That is disappointing, as I was thoroughly enjoying that feature. I went ahead and posted the rest of my original list from January. Obviously, this list would be much different now, what with the Nate McLouth trade, the amateur draft, player improvement and regression, and other more minor transactions. I won’t bother posting profiles of each player at this point. I might briefly explain my rationale in a later post.

I see some more free time in my near future. Thus, expect more regular posting from me.




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