Pirates Prospects Daily: Here’s What You May Have Missed This Weekend

Christmas is one of the few times of the year that I can relax without having to be on-call for this job. Typically, MLB shuts down for a few days, as a lot of people are celebrating holidays.

We provide content during this time, as not everyone celebrates Christmas, or a holiday at this time of year. For some of us, the holiday is the brief vacation from the world religion of Capitalism.

Me being the money-hating businessman that I am, I decided to sleep in today and get the site’s weekly production schedule off to a late start. I’ll have my latest First Pitch later today, and we’ve got some interesting articles for tomorrow’s drop.

For now, I know a lot of people were busy over the weekend. Here’s what you may have missed.


**The Pirates acquired RHP Scott Randall for Diego Castillo

**The Texas Rangers claimed Nick Mears.

Winter League Updates

**In this week’s Pirates Winter League Report, John Dreker features right-handed pitcher Brad Case, along with the weekly rundown of winter league action.

**Minor league Rule 5 pick Josh Palacios picked up a pair of hits.

**Andres Alvarez is now leading the league in Colombia in hitting.

Pirates Prospects Updates

**Ethan Hullihen provided a payroll update, recapping where the Pirates are at this point in the offseason.

**Anthony Murphy looked at Alexander Mojica’s unique situation going into 2023.

**I looked at whether it really would have been better if the Pirates won more games in 2022.

**We picked what baseball gift we would like to receive in a Christmas Day Roundtable.

**In this week’s Pirates Discussion, Jeff Reed looks at how the Pirates are bridging to their prospects compared to the last time a big wave of prospects hit in 2016.

Highlight of the Day

If any of you are dragging today, here’s a nice, long highlight video to get you going.

Song of the Day

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March 20th, 2018

Last day in Sarasota,
6:30PM FLT out of TPA
Pirates were rained out at LeCom an 11AM Start
Hard rain clearing around 2

Call PC, lady was nice as could be

” Pirates are done for the day, which turns into
intersquad day here, you should get moving
they have a 230-5 window
AAA vs the rest”

Clemente field, 1st on left
no one there as usual
There’s 5 of us, a couple scouts and a few autograph seekers

Meadows hit a BAZ heater up in the zone the OTHER WAY
over the entrance road into a creek
My buddies teen age son finds this muddy baseball
Remember place is empty, They see Jacob wiping off the ball
Meadows a few minutes later:
“is that the ball i just hit?”

“Did it make the creek?”

As Baz warmed, I was standing behind the backstop as a scout sat down with a gun, its highly unlikely i’ll see a 100 mph from that distance again

Reynolds just turned 23 with zero games in the uppers,
13 months later in the BIGS
Looked like he was 16

If the above trip down memory lane
minus Meadows and Baz has turned into Fort Knox
I have zero reason to go, that was the best kept pirate treasure


Someone told me the Pirates may move big league portion of Pirate City to LeCom this February.
Say it ain’t so.if you can look into this Tim, it would be appreciated.

Wilbur Miller

I may be misremembering, but I thought they moved the ML activities to LECOM earlier than in the past in 2022. LECOM has some training facilities it didn’t use to have.
Sucks for fan access, but the Pirates make very clear in Bradenton that they consider their fans a nuisance at best. Their attitude is markedly different at MiL facilities compared to all the other teams whose facilities I’ve been to in FL. There’s a reason I have zero respect for the people running this team. They have nothing but contempt for their fans.


I’ve only been to one other organization’s facility, the Orioles in Sarasota, but I would absolutely put them way ahead of the Pirates in terms of fan friendliness. I was at a FCL game at PC when a foul ball landed between the two southern fields. When a fan, an adult male, picked it up, someone from the Pirates approached him and politely said “I’ll need that back, it costs $14.” I and the fan were both stunned.


2 years ago closed to fans at Pirate City because of Covid.
Last year closed because they didn’t want scouts checking out Rule 5 which was then canceled. They have always had the 1st 10 days at Pirate City with major league squad.
Going to LeCom would be kick in the teeth. Have to pay for parking somewhere and probably charge admission.
Pirate City with close up behind batting cages etc. was a great friendly atmosphere with the players.
Just a s**t organization Wilbur.


You could watch four games at a time and even interact with players and coaches on occasion. It was a pretty cool experience. I haven’t been there in probably 15 or 20 years though.

Last edited 1 month ago by john_fluharty
Wilbur Miller

You’re telling me.

Here’s an example, just one of many I could relate.

The four fields at PC were all accessible to visitors until this FO came in. Now, the central area is roped off, which blocks viewing access to the two northern fields. During MiL spring training, there are always two games. At least one of those games is always played on one of the northern fields, sometimes both.

Last year, when the Orioles were at PC, a group O’s parents came to see their kids. Naturally, their kids were on one of the fields with no access. They didn’t take it well (the O’s don’t do that kind of crap) and called somebody with the O’s, who called somebody with the Pirates. So the O’s parents got let in to see their kids, but that just incensed the Pirates’ fans, who weren’t able to access the other game.

So, yes, this is a s*** organization.


I didn’t witness this incident so I can’t vouch for whether it really happened. Another fan told me Travis Swaggerty’s wife went to PC to watch him in a MiL spring training games last season but the AAA game he was in was on the inaccessible field and they wouldn’t let her in to watch it.

Wilbur Miller

That’d be just like them.

Part of the problem is that they have PC staffed by hired security who aren’t briefed on basic stuff like where people with media passes are allowed to go. They basically act like bouncers. When they run into problems, they can’t even contact anybody with the team to figure it out. All of the other facilities I’ve been to are staffed by team employees who act like it’s good that you’re there.


I am thankful that they finally put an ‘X’ on the AdChoice video box. 🙂

Best. Christmas. present. Ever! 🤑🤑


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas surrounded by the people you love, doing the things you enjoy doing.

Now that the countdown to Christmas is over, let the countdown to Pitchers and Catchers reporting begin. I believe it’s 50 days. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

John Dreker

Tim was late because he was making quite merry yesterday and it won’t happen again. Christmas comes but once a year. He promises to be here all the earlier tomorrow

Last edited 1 month ago by John Dreker

Karl Marx birthday doesn’t happen to fall the same time, does it?


Every living thing faces stress whether it is a blade of grass or an animal in the forest or a human trying to support their family or dealing with a life- threatening illness. You have chosen the path in life you wish to travel, if it isn’t what you are happy with try another path.
Obviously, you believe there is some socialist world that will be stress free. You have no idea of human nature.


I’m wrong because I am not allowing for others to follow their minds and thoughts. I have just adapted to life as I found it and never really questioned it.
When I was a young man, I fell into a career, it paid well, and I never looked back. I grew up in abject poverty and when I found this work, I never went hungry again, it put a nice roof over my head and money in the bank. I can’t say I loved my work but never having to be poor again I was satisfied.
So, I guess in the future I have to understand we all come from different lives and experiences, and I have to be more tolerant of others needs and wishes .


But do you promise to never be early?

John Dreker

It feels like no one knows I was directly quoting Bob Cratchett. I watch four versions of A Christmas Carol every year. The lines are stuck firmly in my brain


That explains a lot. But hopefully, one of them is Mr McGoo and another is Scrooged.

I’d avoid Finney’s and Scott’s.🤓🤓🤓

John Dreker

I watch the 1935, 1938 and 1951 versions, as well as the Disney one released in 2009


No McGoo? That’s the best one of all.

John Dreker

I have watched it, but I never see it on TV. I thought about it and I technically watch five, but I never lump Bill Murray’s Scrooged in with the others.


I see your point with Scrooge. Here’s Mr McGoo online. We old folks know how to find these things.


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