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Pirates Option Roansy Contreras; Recall Eric Stout

After game one of a doubleheader on Saturday, the Pittsburgh Pirates optioned right-handed pitcher Roansy Contreras to Indianapolis and recalled left-handed relief pitcher Eric Stout.

According to Jason Mackey, Contreras will make two controlled starts with Indianapolis, before returning to the Pirates after the All-Star break. He has already pitched 70.1 innings this year after throwing a total of 75 innings during his injury-shortened 2021 season, which included fall league totals. There are some conflicting reports about when he will actually make those stats. He’s going to be on the taxi squad for the Pirates, so they may need to use him in the meantime.

Stout has allowed one run over five innings with Indianapolis since being acquired from the Chicago Cubs. He pitched two games for the Cubs this year, allowing two runs in 3.2 innings.

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Stupid, in my humble opinion. I guess this is publicly saying that the MLB team is not a “controlled environment” despite the fact that everyone criticizes Mgr. Shelton for being too inflexible with his bullpen scheduling. Maybe they don’t trust him to let Contreras avoid a 56 pitch inning? Then get someone else to manage!

So we are also jumping to the conclusion that this is time manipulation, that this either proves or disproves bad player-team relations and so forth. Just once I’d like this to be about keeping the best 26 players on the MLB roster and giving them the best chance to win. While looking at prospects is fun, in the end I want good Pirate players and victories. I am a fan and developing players, protecting arms, and promoting good reputations of players or the team doesn’t matter a hoot to me if it means perpetual losing.

I guess I’m in the camp that I do like a couple more wins this year. I’m sick of all the losing! (After all, it’s not like Contreras is allowed to pitch very deep in games anyway.)


Nothing like throwing away two starts at MLB level. Oh well gets us closer to a top 5 pick next year


Potentially having 2 more wins for this year’s team will gain them what?


Oh, it would be nice if this team could just once make roster moves purely in the best competitive interests of the current year’s squad, and not for every other frickin reason under the sun.


Why not let him work from the pen to manage his innings?

One answer is Super Two. Another is Shelton’s poor management of the pen. I’m sure there are less cynical answers too.


Totally cool with this move. Cool down the innings while being available to taxi up if needed. What’s 2 mid-season starts while the players with vetrinosity play out the string before moving along.


TN Buc hit the nail on the head. This move reeks of service time manipulation. I’m sure Contreras recognizes it for what it is, too. So instead of building a partnership based on trust with one of the cornerstone players of the future, they crap on him in the name of future savings.

It’s bullshit any way you slice it.


Whether the Bucs or any other team plays nice and gives the players money and service early in their careers, all they would get in return is a nice thank you and they would still would leave for the highest bidder in most cases. I can still hear the complaints that if only the Bucs gave Cole more money in his pre arb years, the good will would have given them a great chance to extend him. As we saw how it played out, Cole was intent on hitting the market no matter what. Houston tried but Cole would not entertain their offers. Even if Contreras remained on the Major league roster for the whole year, it would mean nothing for negotiations with the Bucs if he too would be looking to hit the FA market no matter what. Reynolds no doubt will be hitting the market too. It all has to do with his age and the nice contract that they gave him this year won’t alter that fact. He knows that this will be his only chance at the biggest contract that he will ever get. If he were to extend with the Bucs or any team if traded, he would lose too much of his value by the time he hit FA in his mid 30s. Do not begrudge any player that has that mindset. Any of us would do the same thing. We all are loyal to our current employers until another company offers us more for our services.


I agree with much of what you say, especially regarding Cole & Reynolds. The issue I have with how they are treating Contreras & Cruz is the fact it flies in the face of their stated “player centric” approach. How can you say out one side of your mouth, “we want to give you more say in your own development,” and then turn around and say we’re going to stunt your development in order to pay you less?

It’s hypocrisy at the highest level. Only chicken shit organizations pull this crap.


I guess all organizations are chicken shit then cause all of them do the same things. We just happen to see it more clearly with the team we pay attention to daily.


Can’t dislike this move more. SMH

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