Submit Your Questions For This Weekend’s Q&A

Last week we started a Q&A feature which went so well that it quickly became a weekly feature for us. I liked the feature personally because it gave me more time to think about the answers, group similar questions together to provide a bigger picture on a subject, and use some questions for article ideas — which are hard to find in January.

This feature replaces our old live chats, which allowed you to submit questions over a 2-3 hour period. If you didn’t check the site during that time, you didn’t get to submit a question. With this new feature, you have a full day to submit a question, allowing more people to get involved, which in turn allows for a wider variety of topics and questions.

Submit your questions for this week in the comment section below and we will answer the questions in articles throughout the weekend, and perhaps in articles next week if your question is something we want to expand on.




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