Pay It Forward Friday: Five Free Subscriptions and a Special Deal This Week

Every Friday, we run a new program called Pay It Forward Friday. The program allows you to Pay It Forward by purchasing a Pirates Prospects subscription for certain professions that provide an important public service, as a way to say thank you to those people.

We currently offer Pay It Forward subscriptions for the following professions: Teachers, Students, Nurses, Police, Fire and Rescue, and Public Works. We also offer the option to purchase for another profession you don’t see on the list.

You can purchase a Pay It Forward subscription for any one of those categories here. This week we have a special Black Friday sale where Pay It Forward plans are just $19.99!

Every Friday we will release the subscriptions that were purchased the week before, available to claim on a first come, first serve basis. Here are the available subscriptions this week.

Police: 2

Fire and Rescue: 1

Students: 1

Nurses: 1

To claim one of these subscriptions, send an e-mail to with verification.