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Andrew McCutchen Rumors: Nationals Remain in the Lead, Rangers in Contact


Yesterday we heard that the Pirates and Nationals were discussing an Andrew McCutchen deal, with rumors that the Nationals wanted to complete a deal yesterday before the non-tender deadline. That deadline is tonight at 8:00 PM EST, so they could still complete a deal in time to allow the Nationals to make their decision on shortstop Danny Espinosa.

Jon Morosi had an update this morning, saying that the Nationals remained in the lead last night, and that the Rangers have also been in contact with the Pirates.

The last part might not be new information, since we’ve heard that the Rangers have expressed interest before. However, you’d have to think that Morosi is talking about the current discussions, suggesting that the Rangers are still in the talks, and the Pirates aren’t just talking with one team.

We’ll have more McCutchen rumors in this article today as more information is released. While you’re waiting for news, check out last night’s primer on any Andrew McCutchen trade.

UPDATE 11:57 AM: Stephen Nesbitt says that the Pirates are breaking down video of the Nationals’ prospects this morning.

UPDATE 5:41 PM: The Nationals have tendered Danny Espinosa a contract.

There was a belief yesterday that they wanted to get a deal done before the non-tender deadline, so that they could decide on whether to tender Espinosa. This doesn’t necessarily mean a deal is off, as they could still try and trade him if they do acquire McCutchen. It just adds a new wrinkle to the process.

UPDATE 8:37 PM: Jon Heyman says that the Pirates want Robles and a top young starting pitcher.

This is pretty much what we’ve heard all along, so it seems there could be a stall in the deal.

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Tim Williams
Tim Williams
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