Winter Leagues: Andrew Lambo Returns to Action

In Mexico on Thursday, Luis Heredia made his fourth relief appearance. In his last game, he recorded five outs on just 15 pitches. He got good results on Thursday, but it wasn’t the best outing. Heredia threw two shutout innings, giving up two hits. He threw 27 pitches, 14 for strikes. He also threw a wild pitch and had a couple hard hit outs. In five innings, Heredia has given up one run on two hits and two walks. He hasn’t recorded a strikeout yet.

Carlos Munoz went 0-for-2 with a walk and a strikeout. He’s hitting .308 through ten games.

In Venezuela, Jose Osuna extended his hitting streak to seven games by going 1-for-4 with a double. He is hitting .333 through 11 games.

Junior Sosa started in center field and went 0-for-2 before being pinch-hit for in the eighth inning. He also dropped down a sacrifice bunt.

Gorkys Hernandez went 0-for-4, giving him a .304 average through 12 games.

In the Dominican on Thursday, Gustavo Nunez was the only player of note. He went 1-for-5 with a run scored. He is 4-for-20 through five games.

Friday’s Action

In the Dominican on Friday, Andrew Lambo joined Gigantes del Cibao and went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts as the DH. Lambo last played a regular game on May 3rd. He joined the GCL team attempting a rehab assignment in late July, but was scratched from the lineup right before the game started and then he never played.

Alen Hanson went 0-for-3 with a sacrifice bunt. He is 4-for-22 with a double and no walks.

Willy Garcia went 2-for-4 with two singles and three runs scored. He reached once on an error and ended up scoring all three of his team’s runs. Garcia also stole his first base of the winter. He had just one hit in his first three games.

Gustavo Nunez went 3-for-5 with an RBI. He came into the game with a .200 average.

In Venezuela, Elvis Escobar came in as a pinch-runner in the bottom of the eighth and went to left field for the ninth inning. He stole his second base of the winter. Escobar is 1-for-6 at the plate in seven games. Last winter, he batted just twice in five games, so he is still seeing more playing time this year despite coming off the bench.

Zack Dodson made his third start and had vastly different results than the first two games in which he allowed one run over 13 innings. Dodson allowed four hits and two walks, while recording just two outs. All six runners came around to score.

Gorkys Hernandez went 1-for-5 with a run scored.

In Mexico, Harold Ramirez didn’t play the last couple games, taking a spot on the bench after a slow start to his winter. The time off apparently did him good, as he went 2-for-4 with three runs scored, two RBIs and a HBP. He has a .200 average through ten games.

Carlos Munoz went 2-for-4 with two singles and two runs scored.

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What position did he play?

Alan Bellomo

I would like to Lambo make it to the Pirates at some point.


Good Morning.

I loves me some P2 in the off season. Anyway, the player I wanna talk about is Osuna. Saw him in Toon-Town last year and was really impressed with him. He’s physically imposing and, at least when I saw him, his bat was lively. I think he threw someone out on the base paths the one day two if memory (I have an old floppy drive) serves.

With the amount of outfield talent that we’ve got, I think Osuna is a good man in a crowd. Rooting for that guy.
“Carrots are divine you get a dozen for a dime Abraca-Pocus!”


Wabbit….your ‘floppy drives’ are okay with me. Always good to hear from you. How are the soccer fields coming along?



Word to the wise. Don’t mess with Drecker.

Soccer’s doing good. My boys are heading into the PIAA D6 AA districts I think Wednesday And at Philipsburg-Osceola High School we’re getting a new $1.2 million Field-Turf surface which should help us.

Better still, I’m now serving on a local theater’s board of directors and will be directing the rock-n-roll musical “Rock of Ages” in the spring. I am not familiar much with the play, though they made a movie of it of late… BUT, I did play in a lot of hair-metal bands in the 1980’s, so I have a feel for what’s up there.

I guess the ’60s had “Hair,” the ’70s had “Fame” and now the ’80s have “Rock of Ages.” Prepare for best rock show EVER!!!!!
“Is you is or is you ain’t my BABY??”

Bruce Humbert

I have secretly wished for him to get a chance at first base – He has a bit more power than Bell and is year younger – most scouts see him as a first baseman – he played OF to give Bell the experience at first – and has a plus arm so LF might work – but not at PNC

Bruce Humbert

Always rooted for Lambo – thought he was treated a bit harshly by the BMTIBB. Here’s hoping he gets a nice run going and can get a MLB job with someone next season.


Bruce: I have liked and have been following the kid since he played down the road in Chattanooga when he was with the Dodgers. The Pirates have tried everything possible to get him and his bat into the majors, including trying him at 1B, but after he fizzled in ST, he was put back into the OF at AAA. Had he done well, we might still have LHSP Blake Taylor who we had to give to get Ike Davis to appear at 1B, and Josh Bell may not have been moved to 1B. Now, going into his age 28 season, if he makes the team it will be as LH bench strength and as a utility OF.



Not so sure I agree about the harshly treated thing. While I’m not too familiar with his status, I think he’s been injured quite a bit. Though some of those injuries could have been “management” injuries.

The whole planar faciitis thing mystified me because I think that can be treated but I know some who’ve had very bad lingering effects of the disorder.

If you mean they keep him injured just to be around, maybe you’re onto something. I feel like they do this because there is something they really love about the player and they want it to materialize.
“Coud dat’a been… A GREMLIN???”

Blaine Huff

Andrew…who? Sounds vaguely familiar.


Lambo returned to playing??? My day is complete!!! πŸ™‚


Who’s Andrew Lambo?


Place kicker for the Chargers, I think.


Ahhh, come on, I know we’re all down on him but I do feel bad for the guy. He got injured on his real chance to show he could play. He’ll just move on and crack 25 HR’s for the A’s….ha ha..


John…I luv ya, man, but Gorkys is no longer a Pirate. He elected free agency about a week go. He and Wilfredo B went the same day.

He quotes someone I’ve never heard of, tho, in the very first sentence (so, you may have to consider the source?):
John Dreker of Pirates Prospects has reported that Gorkys Hernandez and Wilfredo Boscan have elected to become free agents.


Geez…I was just messin’ with you. πŸ™‚

And, I am old…I don’t even remember what I wrote yesterday, let alone two years ago (although I DO applaud you for finding that….must’ve taken awhile).

I guess I need to bone up on the rules around here. Or else, quit messin’ with you, coz you are GOOD!


Bill W

Stop drinking Kook Aide

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