Pirates Call Up Jaff Decker

The Pittsburgh Pirates have called up outfielder Jaff Decker, which fills out their roster after sending Wilfredo Boscan down to Triple-A on Monday. Decker has been hitting well with Indianapolis, with a .275/.364/.388 line in 178 at-bats. He’s not hitting for a lot of power, but is doing a great job of getting on base and hitting for average. Decker also provides some defensive value in the outfield, something the Pirates weren’t getting with Corey Hart. Along with that, he actually gives the Pirates a left-handed bat off the bench.

Hart was recently shut down from his rehab, and the future doesn’t look good for him in Pittsburgh. He wasn’t productive while with the Pirates, and Decker is looking like a better option right now. The Pirates would be better off giving Decker the playing time, since he could have some value as a bench piece in future years if he works out. Meanwhile, Hart has struggled the last few seasons, and looks to be on the decline in his career, making it less likely that he will return and give the Pirates any kind of production off the bench this year.

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on a decline—- that was 2 years ago. Hes pretty much at the bottom of a ravine at this point


Thanks tim

Chris Hale

I seriously can’t stand Morton He isn’t pitching bad . He’s just so weak. We send him out to send a message . He does it then he lets the guy score. All it took was that chain of events to get in his head.This guy doesn’t fit this clubhouse. Choker

michael t

Morton looked pretty animated after Pedro let a double play ball go right between his legs that cost him two runs. Seriously what is Pedro’s statistical ranking? We have no pinch hitters and a freakin error machine at first……….and it is going to cost us.


I would like to thank the pittsburgh pirates lineup for once again making a bad pitcher look good, it really gives the other guys that throw 88 mph hope. And thanks to ground chuck for proving that there is a little upchuck in all of us. Good job guys.


Welcome Jaff!

Chris Hale


Stephen Brooks

A propos of nothing, I’d love to see NH swing a deal for Adam Lind – and quick. Pedro can DH the games in KC and MIN, and otherwise serve as the primary LH bench bat, maybe sneak in a start here and there. Lind’s signed to a reasonable team option for 2016, giving Josh Bell plenty of time to grow comfortable at 1B and develop the power stroke. Lind is also a far sight better at fielding the position, so CH wouldn’t have to waste Serpico’s positional flexibility as a late inning 1B replacement.

I know this torpedoes the notion that Neil Walker would be the Pirates’ 1B for 2016, but I’d honestly rather he play out the string at 2B, allowing Harrison to do his super-U thing (starting Kang at 3B most days).


It makes a lot of sense but I doubt it happens, Huntington has always had an affinity for former 1st round picks, I would think this would extend to his own.

Stephen Brooks

And you can see the logic in it if you’re sifting among equally uninspiring options to plug a hole – might as well see if you can tease out the underlying talent that was once there.

You would just hope he could make an exception here. Pedro is a replacement level 1B. Upgrading to Lind now is likely a 2 win improvement ROS, plus the fractional value Pedro gives as a bench bat (without giving it right back in the field).

2 wins is quite possibly the margin between winning the division and hosting the WC.

michael t

You are dead on. How do you think Hurdle feels penciling Pedro in at first, then hoping for a lead so he can get him out in the 7th.

michael t

Pedro….first at bat guesses fast ball and looks silly swinging at a curve, then watches two 90 mph fastballs right down the middle for the K looking. I guess it’s ok because he is always so calm when he walks back to the bench. Please Neil get us a first baseman.

Travis P

So many good years with the Brewers…even looked like Craig Wilson…just couldn’t get that same bench production.

Chris Hale

I’d like to see the Pirates try to get Brad Ziegler from the D-Backs. I think he is a special reliever with that awkward delivery. He’s 35 but I see no reason he can’t pitch well for a few more years. i think it would be an impact move. One that would solidify the bullpen and put us over the top with a few other minor pieces . The Middle relief on this team scares me and the dam that is Watson is starting to take on water

michael t

I think some of these teams that are 6-8 games out of a wild card spot will have the cover to start dealing if they lose the majority of their games this week. The Bucs have the prospects to spare and are positioned to make a world series run……….the organization owes it to the players, the fans and themselves to try to improve this club. First base, right handed bat, another arm.

Luke S

They owe us? The organization that brought winning back to PGH and actually runderstand things well owes us for only being 3rd best in baseball?

They can upgrade areas, like every team, but acting they we are entitled to that seems arrogant. We are in a great place due to this org, so being thankful firstly seems wise.


Great! Hope Jaff works out.

Brian Bernard

Now that he’s up I wonder how long before people will be complaining that he’s up…
I’d prefer Hanson to be up IMO but we’ll see what Clint does with this bench. Gorky’s is a wasted spot though which is rediculous – if you’re not going to use someone then send them down.

Chris Hale

If he comes up before September you have to start him. He can’t sit on the bench when he could be getting everyday AB’s in Indy. You willing to put Neil Walker on the bench to do that? Bring him up in September when there is nowhere else to go and he becomes a very good pinch hitter/runner

IC Bob

Last time i saw Dacker in the majors he was completely over matched. I will hope for the best but I expect a trade very soon.

Chris Hale

Finally. I think Decker could be an equal to Travis Snider off the bench, Maybe with a little less power, but he’s probably a better defender with better speed. Now they should call up Tabata to replace Gorkys. Having Decker and Tabata as 4th and 5th OF’ers isn’t bad .. I think Lombardozzi provides a lot of versatility and imo would hit if he got more regular AB’s. A bench of Stewart,Rodriguez,Decker,Tabata,and Lombardozzi isn’t terrible. Next focus should be on getting a RH platoon partner for Pedro. Maybe a Baker or a Canha…I think it’s also funny that the Pirates haven’t been mentioned to be in pursuit of Ben Zobrist..

Luke S

Why are 5 OFers needed? That puts S Rod as primary backup 1Bmen.


I would love to see Ben Zobrist on this bench.

Jonny Gomes always is big in the playoffs it seems… not a lot of regular season value.

Chris Hale



Good news and I am glad he will get a chance. He did well in ST and earned the opportunity. Like Snider, he is also another first Rounder who another team lost patience with and the Pirates picked him up. Let’s hope he gives us what we are all looking for, but I hope that will not mean lost AB’s for Polanco.

BTW, I wonder if Neil and the agent for Gregory Polanco have had any further discussions about a long term contract. This could be a good time to see that happen.

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