Brewers Acquire Jay Jackson From the Pirates

  • I can’t believe the stuff people can b@!ch and complain about. Bring on Jackson in Sept!!!

  • Nonevent. No one should care other then Jackson.

  • I guess this is the first indicator that we’ve given up on the season and are now sellers! 🙂

  • Brewers probably need Jackson for AAA depth since they promoted someone to take Garza’s place. BUT… if somehow Jackson ends up beating the Bucs in a game in September, you know Neal will never hear the end of this. Especially since it was just for cash.

    • I’m sure the Pirates would like nothing more than the Brewers needing to use a pitcher with no major league experience, who is struggling at AAA.

      • Fair response. But do note the Bucs have also failed against a few September callups in recent past.

        • Jackson is just a random AAA arm at this point. If the Pirates didn’t have a use for him in AAA, then what are the chances the Brewers will have a use for him in the Majors and he ends up doing something against the Pirates? He would need to be added to the 40 man roster, which probably means they had some other sort of problems that led to that. To put things in better perspective for you, the only four pitchers with worse ERA’s this year for Indianapolis, aren’t in the farm system anymore.

        • I hope they DO bring him up. The guy has a 4.89 ERA in AAA.

  • Why not get our rule 5 pitcher back in this deal ??? That is if the rules permit that kind of move….

    • Jackson has less than a month of control left, while Wei-Chung Wang has six years of control left and chances are, he is going to the minors for the next two years, so he can get stretched out and get some pitching in.

      • Yes, but why give him to the first place team in your division who just put one of their starters on the DL? There was no other team they could give him to?

        • Jackson was expendable. He’s a AAA pitcher with no Major League experience, who isn’t on the 40 man roster and isn’t pitching good. There is a very good chance he is just filling a roster and won’t pitch after the AAA season ends in less than four weeks

        • I agree with you smurph. Why do you trade a serviceable (?) pitcher to your competition for basically nothing?

          • Because he’s serviceable only at the AAA level. This deal is completely irrelevant to the major league teams.

          • The simple answer is that you don’t and they didn’t. They traded at AAA pitcher to a team that probably needed to fill a hole at AAA. It’s possible that Jackson may have been released to make room for Josh Wall’s return after he cleared waivers and something was better than nothing. I think a lot of people are overlooking Jackson’s stats and track record and assuming AAA= ML help.

    • that ship has sailed…plus Jackson NE Wang

  • Cheap Nutting