Some #ElectricStuff From Charlie Morton to Charge Your Day (Video)

  • The Masked robshelb
    February 17, 2014 6:04 pm


    Mr. Charlie in this video was certainly hitting his spots. Watch Sanchez’ glove, it barely moves.

    Kewl !!!

    This session, Tony could have held an empty soup can out there and Charlie probably would’a put the baseball right in the middle of it.

    Kind’a like that old cowboy movie. Target-shooting contest.

    Wow !!! Did you see that. Charlie’s first shot, dead-center bulls-eye. But geez, his second shot. I don’t see that one landing anywhere. Hmmm . . . I wonder where it could have gone . . .


  • Granted, you can only see so much since Sanchez’s body was in the way, but it seemed like Morton was hitting his spots better than pitchers in other videos.

    Let’s hope Morton can unleash his new elbow ligament and we can AT LAST see a Morton that is both post-Halladay adjustment AND healthy for 200 innings.

  • Tim – as always love the work. But seriously, what’s with the advertisements?

    Also is there anything Chuck can do to be more successful against lefties?

    • You saw it in that video; nail that inside corner with the sinker and not let it fade over the plate. I’d like to see him refine the cut/slider he’ll try every now and again too. I think he has a passable change, but I don’t think it will ever be special enough to lean on. It’ll be about the control for him in the end against lefties.

    • “But seriously, what’s with the advertisements?”

      Simple. Allows me to provide daily articles and videos for free.

    • The only ads I see have a lot of cleavage in them ,the rest I ignore.

      • One thing to keep in mind when discussing what types of ads you see: Google usually bases their ads on your browsing history.

        • Ha, they would be bored with my browsing.
          I read four baseball sites everyday starting with P2 and occasionally look up an old movie or actor.

  • Awesome shot Tim. Charlie’s stuff does look electric. Good movement and good hard pop on the fastball. I’m hoping we see the mid 90’s fastball more this year. Keep up the good work. I envy you right now LOL

    • Chris: I disagree about seeing the mid-90’s fastball more, because that pitch almost made him a “former” professional baseball pitcher a few years ago. When his pitch rises above 93 it starts to straighten out, and any major league hitter can hit a straight fastball. When he stays 91/92 his two-seamer has awesome movement and stays down – easier to control and better for GB’s. Before making the transition to the two seam fastball and giving up a few mph, he was BP at 94-96 with the 4 seamer.

      Tim: Now that all the returns are in and AJ will not be returning, the extension for Charlie Morton was smart baseball, and 3 seasons at $4, $8, and $8 are looking like chump change. I hope he proves me and any other doubters wrong, but to do so, IMO, he must be able to carry an average of at least 30 Starts and 175 innings/year over that 3 years. I would love to see him become the leader of this Rotation – not necessarily the #1 or #2 SP, but the leader. His 7-4, 3.26 in 20 Starts was a good first step and now the most important thing he can do for his own confidence level will be to follow a successful year with another successful year. I hope he gets there.

  • Yea that would be electric stuff.