Starling Marte to Rehab in State College and Indianapolis

  • How much could this guy help over the left field replacements they’ve called back up?

    Im hoping that the return of Marte and Walker will churn the pot and get something going in the last month. I’m prepared to accept them missing the playoffs as long as its on their terms. I think a strong finish could go a long way towards exorcizing the demons of last season’s debocle.

    Before last season started, writers and the like we’re saying that this team was 2-3 years away, and I agreed. However, with last year’s early success, everyone threw that time table out the window and wanted it now. In retrospect, that was a poor decision by the fan base. I think the early success this year and last jump started the interest in the team to, in some cases, an unhealthy level. The real key to this team I think will be when guys like Cole and Taillon start appearing; the high upside pitchers….which will or probably will be, year 3 of that 2-3 year plan.

  • State College Steve
    September 4, 2012 12:41 pm

    MIght be the reason I need to head on over to the ballpark tonight……..

    • Tyler Glasnow will be pitching tonight. That would be my reason.

      • State College Steve
        September 4, 2012 2:54 pm

        I’ve had a hard time watching this team this year. To many errors mentally and on the field. I understand that this is their first year of professional baseball but the game isn’t any different than what they’ve been playing. I can’t get over the simple errors of throwing to cutoff, can’t throw from short to first, can’t field at first…….bad news bears baseball and it will cost the locals (like me) the Pirates affiliate because I can’t see the Spikes sticking with them.