Live From Pirate City: 3/11

The Pirates will have two intrasquad games here this afternoon. I won’t be live blogging, since it’s hard to live blog and keep track of two games. However, starting today I’ll have a Prospect Notebook at the end of the day, with my thoughts on what I saw from the day’s games. The Minor League camp schedule starts today, and games against other teams start on Wednesday, so I’ll have a lot to cover in the Notebook.

I don’t have much information on who is playing yet, but here’s what I’ve got for a few of the teams.

Game One: Sharks vs Lions

Tim Alderson will be starting for the Sharks. Quinton Miller will be starting for the Lions. Brian Leach will replace Alderson and Zach Foster will be replacing Leach. Eliecer Navarro will be replacing Miller.

Game Two: Crocs vs Tigers

The Crocs will be throwing Colton Cain, followed in order by Jameson Taillon, Matt Benedict, and Vincent Payne. The Tigers will throw Stetson Allie, followed by Orlando Castro, Bryce Weidman, and Logan Pevny.

**There’s also a lineup posted for a team called the Grizzlies. They might be playing another team. The lineup is as follows:

1. Brock Holt, SS

2. Jarek Cunningham, 2B

3. Matt Curry, 1B

4. Calvin Anderson, DH

5. Quincy Latimore, RF

6. Jeremy Farrell, 3B

7. Andrew Lambo, LF

8. Carlos Paulino, C

9. Brad Chalk, CF

**The following pitchers will be heading to Clearwater today to serve as backups in the major league game: Jose Diaz, Ryan Beckman, and Brian Tallet.

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Good luck trying to watch all of that at the same time. I’d love to watch Alderson vs Miller but how do you not watch Cain/Taillon vs Allie. I’d like to see Payne and Pevny pitch too!


At some point Miller and Cain will be pitching at the same time and you’ll look like you’re watching a tennis match from center court

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