Andrew McCutchen Ranks Second Among 25 and Under Players

Keith Law released a ranking of baseball’s best players who are 25 and under. The list doesn’t include anyone who has lost their Rookie of the Year eligibility, so most top prospects were not included.  Andrew McCutchen was ranked second on the list, trailing only Justin Upton. Law noted that McCutchen doesn’t have the offensive upside of Upton, but provides more value on defense. He also notes that McCutchen is currently a 20-25 home run a year guy, and that PNC Park could be holding him back offensively.

  • Huntington should consider trading McCutchen if the price is right, I know I would and so does every other team in baseball when the price is too high.

    PNC probably isn’t the ideal park for McCutchen, he would be a perfect fit for the Reds, Phillies or Brewers, although he never hit well in Brewer town, I think he would hit there if he played there all the time, too much of a hitters park for him not to.

  • You should check out the subsequent chat… Notes that Huntington absolutely will listen on trade offers for Cutch, and another jab that Tabata is several years older than thought.

    • Keith Law even goes further and actually says that the Pirates have no intention of resigning McCutchen because his price is too high.

      • Keith Law has always said Tabata is several years older. He’s more than welcome to his opinion, however he has never offered one shred of proof. Until he does, it’s just strictly speculation. Same goes for anybody else. Prove he’s older, otherwise, it’s just a weak rumor like a lot of the rumor mill stuff that’s out there.

  • Sounds about right