MLB Close to New CBA

Ken Rosenthal reports that Major League Baseball and the player’s union are close to a deal on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, with the two sides reaching a near-agreement on draft related issues, which have been the biggest hurdle so far.

Rosenthal mentions that a deal might come today or tomorrow, although he adds that there are still some other issues which could push the deal to later in the week.  Either way, it sounds like a deal will be completed soon.

Rosenthal did have this quote, which doesn’t sound good for the Pirates:

The new deal is expected to include significant restraints on the amount of money teams spend on draft picks, and significant changes in draft-pick compensation for free agents.

The first part is obviously bad, as it will limit the Pirates in their over-slot spending, which is one of the only areas where they can get potential impact players.  The Pirates are also expected to receive a compensation pick for Ryan Doumit, and might see at least two picks total in the 2012 draft.  It would be disappointing if those picks disappeared.

News and Notes

  • There is no real advantage the big market teams are very capable and willing to invest in over slot players. Bad teams have to pay more because they draft higher. There was nothing stopping the Yanks or red sox from drafting Josh Bell other than they liked a guy better that had a better chance of signing. I think Bell has been the exception to the rule. A lot of teams draft overslot players, I think it all comes down to scouting and developement. Scouting being the key.
    The big problem is the compensation. teams get picks for having marginal players, wjile teams like the pirates have to sit back and wait 60 picks until their next chance. 

  • More reason why most Pirate/Small market fans ignore baseball

  • It would appear that MLB wants to take away most of the avenues that the small market teams have to acquire above average talent.

  • Can the Pirates and other small market teams vote against this?

  • Only the MLB could actually make it harder for small market teams to compete. Unreal.

    • You have to keep in mind that the rich teams make decisions for the owners and the rich players make decisions for the union. Once you acknowledge this fact, everything else makes sense.

  • nooooooooooooooooooooo