Pittsburgh Pirates Super Two Projections

Yesterday Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors reported that the projected Super Two date would be two years and 145 days of service time.  A quick refresher on the Super Two process:

-Players are normally paid salaries close to the league minimum when they have less than three years of service time.

-Players receive three years of arbitration, starting with their fourth year of service time.

-The top 17% of players with 2-3 years of service time qualify as Super Two players, and are eligible for a fourth year of arbitration, which replaces what would have been their third league minimum year.

The projected date means the following for the Pirates:

Projected Super Two Players

Steve Pearce – He will have two years and 164 days, making him a guaranteed Super Two player.  Odds are he gets non-tendered if that happens.

McCutchen will miss the Super Two cut.

With two years and 158 days after the season, Jones is a lock for Super Two status.

Just Missed the Cut

Andrew McCutchen – After last year’s low cut-off, McCutchen was a risk of being a Super Two player.  He will have two years and 123 days after the 2011 season, leaving no chance that he will be Super Two eligible.

Beyond 2011

The current 2.145 cutoff puts the following players at risk in future years, assuming they remain in the majors from this point forward.

Neil Walker – He will be Super Two eligible after the 2012 season, with his projected 2.166 service time.

Michael McKenry – He will project for 2.136 after the 2013 season, assuming he remains in the majors.  That puts him close to the cut.

Brad Lincoln – He will have around two years and 141 days of service time following the 2013 season, assuming he remains in the majors from this point forward.

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