2011 Dominican Summer League Preview

The 2011 DSL season opened up this Saturday, May 28th. The season consists of 72 games and runs until August 19th.The 2010 Dominican Summer League Pirates finished the year with a 37-34 record. We posted season wrap ups for the hitters here and pitchers here. Between the two Foreign league teams, the DSL team almost always has more prospects and this year should be no different. The 2011 team has 9 new players on their opening day roster. They are allowed 35 players on their active roster so expect some new players to be added as the season progresses since the roster currently sits at 29. We will update the rosters moves as the season progresses.

Players gone since last year: Pitchers Darling Alduey, Jona Corporan, and Luis Valdez were all released in April as noted here. Catcher Yeffrey Jaquez mentioned in that article was resigned.Pitcher Yoan Gonzalez, catcher Jhoanel Jimenez and utility fielder Alberto Valdemora were all released prior to March as noted here. Leandro Mejia was released in March. Pitchers Jimmy Hernandez and Yonathan Herrand, catcher Samuel Gonzalez and outfielders Willy Garcia and Luis Urena were all assigned to the GCL team. Catcher Heriberto Figueroa’s current status is unknown at this time. Pitcher Porfirio Lopez currently is with the West Virginia Power. He began the season on the Bradenton roster but was recently demoted.

Players new for this season: Pitchers Mervin Del Rosario, Christian Henriquez, Yunior Montero, infielder Rodney Polonia and outfielder Yunior Aquiles were all signed during the July 2nd signing period. Miguel de Aza was signed in May as noted here. Leandro Rodriguez was signed in February noted here. Pitcher Juan Mendoza was signed this week. Outfielder Yefraine Gerald was added on opening day but was actually signed back in April 2010

Returning Players: (DSL experience/ opening day age)


Brayan Almonte 1 yr/ 19

Martires Cadet 2 yrs/ 20

Christopher De Leon 1 yr / 18

Miguel Ferreras 1 yr/ 19

Arquimedes Lorenzo 1 yr/ 20 He is suspended for 50 games

Aneudy Merejo 1 yr/ 20

Clario Perez 2 yrs/ 18

Ricky Perez 2 yrs/ 21

Christopher Richardson 1 yr/ 19

Angel Sanchez 1 yr/ 18

Isaac Sanchez 1 yr/ 18


Yeffrey Jaquez 1 yr/ 20


Jodaneli Carvajal 2 yrs/ 19

Diego Goris 3 yrs/ 20

Alen Hanson 1 yr/ 18

Ramses Pena 1 yr/ 18

Maximo Rivera 1 yr/ 18

Robertson Valdez 1 yr/ 18


Raul Fortunato 2 yrs/ 20

Jesus Vazquez 2 yrs/ 19


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