2011 Prospect Guide Update

About a week ago I wrote a post giving some information and the goal of the Pirates Prospects 2011 Prospect Guide.  Originally I was aiming for a release date of this coming Tuesday, January 18th.  However, there’s been a delay in the production process that will delay the book about a week.

I finished the editing last Thursday, and placed the order for the first shipment on Friday.  I expected the order to go through by Monday, the books to ship by Wednesday or Thursday, and expected to have them by now, so that I could ship them out on Monday.  However, the order took about a week to go through, which probably should have been expected, since it was a large payment, which takes some time to clear.  The book didn’t start printing until Thursday morning.  At this point I haven’t heard any word on a shipping date, although the status of the book was updated yesterday to “Preparing to Ship”.

My guess is that the books will ship on Monday or Tuesday, which means I should get the shipment Wednesday or Thursday.  The day I get the books I will be working on packaging everything up to mail out the next day.  Ideally the pre-sales will be shipped by this Friday morning, hopefully a day or two earlier.  Once the order is shipped, I will have a better timeline, and will provide another update.

Because of the delay, the new release date will be Monday, January 24th.  There are two differences between the pre-sales and the release date:

1. A pre-sale order (anything before January 24th) qualifies you for an entry to win two tickets to the 2011 home opener.

2. Pre-sales will ship once I receive the books, rather than waiting for the 24th.

Hopefully the books will ship to me tomorrow morning, at which point I will have some accurate times for when the pre-sale orders will be shipped out.  If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you can place your order below:




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