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Pirates Prospects Daily: What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday is the day for our Roundtable feature. This Thursday is Thanksgiving. As such, we thought we would do a special Roundtable this week: What is your favorite food on the Thanksgiving menu?

Joining us this week is Pirates Prospects photographer David Hague.

JOHN DREKER: Green Bean Casserole

My favorite Thanksgiving dish has changed in the last few years. I was always big on stuffing, and my family always made two different kinds for Thanksgiving. Part of the reason it was the star of my Thanksgiving plate is that we barely ever had stuffing any other time of the year, so it was a real treat that day, and I always filled up on it. It took me way too long into adulthood to figure out that I could just make stuffing any time I wanted, and it wasn’t even time consuming. Of course I’m talking about Stove Top stuffing, not the homemade holiday stuff, but that was still a game changer for me.

My cousin made green bean casserole just a few years ago, which was the first time I had it, and it was amazing. I call them string beans by the way, not green beans, but I’m going with the traditional terminology here according to Google, who didn’t even ask me if I meant “green bean”, and just changed it for me. I was at my mother’s house for dinner on the Thanksgiving after my cousin made green bean casserole for the first time. My mom made a lot of stuff that day, but she did not make green bean casserole. I’m not going to say that day was ruined, but I was definitely daydreaming of green bean casserole that day. I believe I mentioned it a few times until someone suggested that I could have made it if I wanted it so bad. The following Thanksgiving, which was 2020, I made sure to ask ahead for it. Today will be the third Thanksgiving in a row in which I’ll be filling up on green bean casserole, while giving intimidating looks to anyone else who I think took too much of it. In my mind, it’s definitely an 80 grade Thanksgiving item.

DAVID HAGUE: Green Bean Casserole

My favorite Thanksgiving food is the classic: Green bean casserole and specifically my mom’s. There is something about the creaminess of the mushroom soup and the crunchiness of the French’s onions that is just amazing. The fried onions on top are clearly the MVP of the casserole, if they are too soft the dish is just not the same.

ETHAN HULLIHEN: Leftover Turkey Sandwich

As I started to contemplate this very important question, I came to the realization that maybe Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite meal of the year. Sure, I enjoy it, but there’s nothing that stands out.

Turkey? It has to be dark meat, but I prefer a good roast (Christmas Ham included). Mashed potatoes? Always homemade with gravy, and while I considered them, I wouldn’t call them my favorite. Sweet potatoes? I put them on my plate every year to reassess my feelings on them, but I’m always disappointed. Stuffing (must be my mom’s, out of the bird and baked in balls), green bean casserole, rolls—they all make the plate, but they aren’t the stars.

So, I think the best answer I can give is the leftovers that night and the days to come. We buy the good rolls special (plain bread won’t do), some banana peppers, mayo, and salt—if I’m being honest, that may be what I look forward to the most every year.

WILBUR MILLER: Leftover Hash

I’m afraid my favorite is more of a post-Thanksgiving food, and not a very imaginative one. I like to make a hash out of all the leftover turkey, stuffing, and gravy. It typically lasts me a week or so. The leftover hash, to me, is really the point of cooking the turkey.

A few times, though, I’ve gotten a little more ambitious and cooked a couple Indian dishes, generally a dry chicken curry and a two-meat vindaloo. I guess that’s being kinda contrary.

ANTHONY MURPHY: Breakfast Casserole

I have to go off brand with my decision, as most traditional Thanksgiving food is ‘meh’ to me. So I went with what I usually start the day off with, and that’s my Mom’s breakfast casserole. I make a lot of stops on Thanksgiving, with the first usually being to my Mom’s for an early morning breakfast. I’m a big breakfast food guy, so any holiday I can get eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese and sausage all mashed up together in a casserole, that’s a win for me.

Honorable mention to deviled eggs and then dessert (apple or cherry pie), if I have to go with a traditional choice.


While in all actuality, I am equal opportunity and love all Thanksgiving food evenly, my favorite is stuffing for nostalgic reasons. We would always have it at my grandmothers apartment, which are times I cherish since she’s gone. It is also a nice vessel to mix with other fantastic late November options.

TIM WILLIAMS: Corn Casserole

I almost went with just “pie” in general as my pick. We live in a cake society, where it’s common to have cake year-round. It’s not that you can’t have pie, year-round, but this is the holiday where pie stands out over cake. As it should.

My pick is my favorite side, corn casserole. My favorite way to make this is a crockpot corn cassrole recipe that I’ve been making for almost a decade now, after finding that recipe. Every Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving over the years has left me with zero leftovers, and I’m always disappointed. I’ve gotten to the point where I make a crockpot for myself for the week.

As for leftover ideas, I throw leftover stuffing in a Belgian waffle maker, then put turkey and other leftovers on top of the stuffing waffle. It’s one of the top four poultry-and-waffles variations I’ve ever made, and I’m resorting to that this year when the corn casserole runs out.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Check back at noon for our normally scheduled, baseball-themed Roundtable.

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Gravy. It makes everything it touches taste better.


My favorite is my daughter’s homemade noodles, a recipe handed down from my grandmother’s dad to her then to me and now to my daughter. Very simple just flour and egg, but you have to get the proportions right and you have to kneed the dough just right. Now we have an old timey Pasta Queen noodle maker to roll the dough to the perfect thickness and cut perfect noodles, but growing up my grandma always rolled and cut them by hand. My daughter is way better at it than I ever was. They are cooked in fresh turkey broth and some cream of chicken for added thickness. I like to pile mine on top of my mashed potatoes.


My mom, who passed 10 years ago, made homemade noodles.I even used to roll them up and eat them raw (horrors!).

I miss my mom AND those noodles. 🙁

Last edited 12 days ago by leefieux

I just turned 53, which is the same age my mom was when she passed. Really makes me realize how young she was.


My dad was 53 when he died. At the time, I thought he was REALLY old.

John Dreker

To be fair, 53 was REALLY old in the late 1800s. Hope you still had a good Thanksgiving, even though it sounds like you hate everything on the menu 🙂


The pies were awesome. Since I didn’t eat a whole lot of the ‘good’ stuff, I had room for both Pecan AND Pumpkin Pie!!


I lost my wife at 55. She made the best stuffing. That has always been my favorite Thanksgiving food.


Sweet potato casserole!


I prefer just a plain baked sweet potato with a sprinke of cinnamon and a little bit of butter. Mmmmmm….

b mcferren

Happy Thanksgiving! My kids and I always cook two ducks and homemade stuffing. The best part is the leftovers!!!


Duck is good. Wished my wife liked it,


Not a Turkey fan, but as AM suggests, if you drown it in enough potatoes and gravy, it is palatable.

However, my FAVORITE part Thanksgiving is the PUMPKIN PIE! I can do without any of the rest of it, including ALL of the above favorites, lol. Green Bean or Corn Casserole? Yuck. Hash or stuffing? Double Yuck! 🙂 🙂

Thanksgiving was never my favorite holiday, food wise, lol. Except for the dessert!!


Pie is good food! 😁


I don’t think I’ve ever had the corn casserole but I’m going to try it (but not today).


We’re having homemade corn bread. Close enuff for me. 🙂 🙂


I like to put jalapenos in my cornbread.

John Dreker

I had it for the first time when I ate Thanksgiving with southerners for the first time around eight years ago. It is really good, but sadly the person who made it the best, passed away a few years ago. I’ve had it 2-3 times since and it’s been good, but not great like the first time.


Not a huge turkey fan but of course will indulge till we reach max capacity. Love me some stuffing with gravy and as some others have mentioned, let me dive into some green bean casserole! 🤤 Happy Thanksgiving to all readers and writers


Leftover gravy on rolls, or dark meat, or stuffing…
All leading to the important nap caused by tryptophan overdosage.

Anthony Murphy

Favorite part of Thanksgiving is convincing my girlfriend to drive home so the food coma can start in the car


Happy Thanksgiving P2 staff and supporters. I hope you all have much to be thankful for today.

As for the question of the day, I personally enjoy the homemade cranberry sauce my wife makes most of all these days. As a kid and younger adult, the mashed potatoes and gravy were certainly the best part of Thanksgiving feast. Sadly now, my body just won’t allow for me to enjoy all that buttery yumminess.

Anthony Murphy

Was never really a gravy guy, but I LOVE mashed potatoes. Nothing cures a dry turkey more than dipping it in some mashed potatoes

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