Prospect Roundtable: Which Players Might Repeat a Level Next Year?

At the start of each month, we run a series of Prospect Roundtable articles looking at players who are surging up and surging down. There is one month remaining for the full system, and rather than looking at the season totals, we're looking this month at the second half starts.

Some players have struggled this year, and continue to struggle in the month of July. Heading into the final month, we all picked a player whose struggles might keep him repeating the same level in 2023.
JOHN DREKER: Sammy Siani, OF
Sammy Siani's season took a disturbing downward trend in July, which ended with him being assigned to the FCL Pirates in a move similar to what the Pirates did with Maikol Escotto when his season had completely stalled. Siani showed solid results last year in Bradenton, despite a l...



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What level will Tremar Johnson be at this year


You are looking at the primary piece, Yajure, in the trade with the Yankees and he terrible. Bad scouting or bad development. Martin is a lost cause and I am a big fan of his. Then you have two very high draft choices, Siani and Mod. both performing terribly. Now one can see why the Pirates suck.. Premium draft position and worthless picks. How do you explain this happening year after year after year. So very sad. It never seems to change. Go back 25 years of number one picks and realize they got nothing from the majority of them. Picking players who will sign for less was a primary reason for this.

bucket of jim bibby sweat



Hey guys new to giving comments on PP have a question. Do we know if Pirates players in the minors read these articles? Love to hear any stories if they do.


Matt Fraizer. Big disappointment this year.


Bubba looks certain to benefit from a return trip to Bradenton but maybe that one’s too obvious?


Also Nick Gonzales seems a given, right?


subtweet that should’ve gone directly to me! 😉


I always saw Mlodzsinski as a likely reliever. I remember scouting reports signifying a lot of movement on his fastball, but no real third pitch. I would take a strong reliever outcome at this point, and I think he could thrive in the role.

Siani still has time, but not that much time. Hopefully he rebounds. Martin is the same boat. Only 23 in AAA, but has some major work to do to fix his glaring k issues.

Yajure seems like he was fringy to begin with. Never had great stuff. Losing velo, movement and command makes him a pretty hopeless case. He is an absolute afterthought among the mountain of AAAA pitchers in our system. At this point he’s behind everyone in ML, plus Contreras (obviously), Burrows, Kranick, Bolton, and others I’m sure I’m forgetting. Not to mention Priester and Nicolas. I can’t see a window for when he gets another shot, unless there’s an absolute barrage of injuries.


I could see him being taken off of the 40 this off season.


Of all of these guys, the only one that I have some semblance of hope for, and only as a middle reliever, is Mlodzinski.


Is Mlod’s problem or at least one of them is not willing to be coached. I think I read somewhere that he has gone against coaching advise and does his own things.


Mlod has been both healthy and nasty for like six weeks of his life and conveniently for him those came over his time on the Cape, approaching his draft year.

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