P2Daily: Rebuilding and Returning to Reporting

This week we’ve been covering the High-A Greensboro Grasshoppers on Pirates Prospects. For the second week in a row, we’ve had enough content to do a second article drop, giving you ten premium articles this week.

Granted, our paywall is still on an honor’s system. I’ve been very fortunate that this site has a large support base, allowing me to essentially rebuild on the fly with a new approach. Or, I guess that’s now called a “Build.”

I empathize with Ben Cherington in a way. It’s difficult to be the head of any organization, creating the direction it will go in, and ultimately trying to bring a plan to life.

My own organization has seen over 11 million page views a year as a free site, and has a customer base of over 10,000 people who have purchased a book, subscription, or provided some other form of support for this site over the years. It’s been to higher points than it is right now, and it’s been to lower points than now.

Ultimately, what I’m building on this site now is a hybrid of the best parts of the site over the last 14 seasons.

Our best articles will be pushed out in article drops every Tuesday for paying subscribers. My estimate, and my plan, is that we’ll have enough content to sustain two article drops per week during the season, maintaining this Tuesday/Friday tradition.

When I first announced the article drops, the main concern was that we’d be moving away from our daily coverage. I think it’s obvious at this point that this was never at risk. At the moment, I have plans for a minimum of six daily articles on the site.

You’ve already seen four of those. P2Daily, the Daily Video Rundown, the Prospect Watch, and the Pirates Discussion have been established as core daily features. We also provide you with one additional feature per day.

In the coming weeks, we will be expanding that to two features per day. One will be a core feature that runs on a specific day each week (like how our Player of the Week article always runs on Tuesday). The other will be a player feature.

All of the daily content is going to remain free. The plan, as of right now, is over 50 articles per week, with the top ~20% going to subscribers only. The premium articles will be determined by how much work goes into them, whether that’s interviews, research, or anything beyond a writer here just sitting down and spilling our knowledge onto the page.

I honestly don’t know how this will go when everything is finalized. There’s not a site like this for any other team, and there aren’t many independent media outlets to follow. I’m creating my own path here. I’m optimistic, because of our built-in support-base over the years. I’m also optimistic because the site is coming together as I planned.

In the next week, the site will get a new design that will better display all of the new content — both daily and weekly. The paywall will finally go back up, as I’ll have time to fix any issues related to the re-implementation of that aspect on the site.

What I’m most optimistic about is that I’m to the point in this site rebuild where I can do more reporting. That’s obviously been a massive draw over the years. Focusing more of my time on managing the site, and less on producing content through my interviews and analysis has been the hardest part of this rebuilding process.

I’ve been able to get back to reporting over the last two weeks, conducting interviews with people in Altoona and Greensboro remotely. That reporting will continue tonight, as I’ll be covering my first live game of the year in Bradenton.

I expect to have some good stuff for you all, assuming I’m not left dizzy from watching the lefty who is expected to make his debut on the mound.

And on that note, I’ll see you on Tuesday with the Bradenton article drop.

Check out the articles below for today’s drop, and for anything you may have missed on Tuesday.

Pirates Prospects Spotlight

Maikol Escotto: “There’s a lot of thump in that bat”


Prior to His Injury, Henry Davis Was Focusing on Managing a Pitching Staff

Greensboro Catchers Adjusting To Life After Henry Davis

Matt Gorski Has Been Getting Work at First Base This Year


Williams: Jared Jones is a Familiar Story With Hopefully a Different Ending

Endy Rodriguez Gets Back on Track After Swing Issues in April

Matt Gorski: A More Consistent Swing and 17 Home Runs Later…

Prospect Roundtable: Which Greensboro Prospects Are Most Intriguing?

Maikol Escotto: “There’s a lot of thump in that bat”

Jacob Gonzalez: From Minor League Rule 5 to Minor League Video Game Numbers

Jack Carey: Stuff Playing More Than Numbers Showing

Pirates Links

Prospect Watch: Mike Burrows Dominates in Altoona Victory

Daily Video Rundown: Jack Suwinski, Rodolfo Nolasco, Bligh Madris

P2Daily Articles:

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Hats off to you, Tim and team. Sites never been better!

Look forward to seeing more features from you Tim and your great writing.


Great job! Do you sort of bounce back and forth between the different locations? Do have a favorite one? I’ve never been to the fields in Indianapolis or Greenville but the Bradenton facility is a gem. Cheers!!!


I’m just another long time reader since the early 2010s that is appreciative of how good this site is.

The level of insight and quality of writing for something as specific as “pirates prospects” truly amazes me when I take a step back and think about it.

This team has barely been competitive in the last 30 years, but I still come to this site almost every day looking forward to reading about the latest developments.

Absolutely a testament to how great of a site you have built and how strong the core fan base of the pirates is.

I know you guys hear it a lot in the comments but I hope you do take the time every once in a while to appreciate how cool this whole thing is and what you’ve created.


Whichever path you choose Tim, I will support it


This site is incredible (along with all of the amazing insight from the readers/commenters). You guys do amazing work and find a way to nearly satisfy my need for as much pirates knowledge as possible. I am not in position to pay for many subscription services, but I can confidently say this one is well worth the price!


Tim, I think you are right that no other team has a site like P2. I only track the Royals, so I could be wrong. My MBA friends would call this a business opportunity.


I feel a bit different. There is an overwhelming lack of individual team coverage across all of the available prospect sites. I have subscriptions to BA, The Athletic, and a few others and none of them match the coverage you provide here on a daily basis. If you started a spinoff site in the mold of P2 for the Yankees or Red Sox, you may very well be basement blogger rich 🙃

Can’t wait to see the new layout of the site! My only current gripe with the site is having to scroll down to find the linear view of the new articles.


Opened my office in 2007 – good for both of us!


Is that a hint that Anthony Solometo is headed to the Marauders this week???


yes he is there.


how exciting!


So the plan starting next week is for the daily articles, like this one to be free, and the weekly drops to be behind a paywall. Is that correct?

If you are a P2 consumer who is enjoying the work being done by Tim, WTM, JD, et al, but don’t have it in your budget to pay for P2, be the 1st to respond to this post and I’ll give you a gift subscription.

If you are in a financial position to support P2 in this way, too, please join me in donating a subscription, and we’ll call it the “Build Back P2 Better” plan.

Who’s in?


I’ll happily donate a sub as well! We need moar fans!


Right on buddy, count me in.


As soon as someone takes me up on my offer, I’ll buy a gift subscription. What info of theirs will I need?


let me know too, Tim…

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