P2Daily: New Commenting System

Yesterday, Pirates Prospects got an upgrade with a new commenting system.

As many of you know, the old comments were nearly impossible to use on certain mobile devices. There were some positive benefits to that old system. Fortunately, I was able to find a new system that had all of the best features from the old comments, along with some great features that will fuel the discussion across the site.

Best of all, it works on mobile now!

The comment threads provide live updates, which are great for our Daily Pirates Discussions. They allow you to embed links from other sites and social media networks, along with GIF reactions and a site-wide voting system.

That voting system has tiers for positive votes.

Everyone starts off as a Prospect.

After 50 likes, you reach Double-A. 100 gets you Triple-A status. 250 takes you to MLB status.

After 500 likes, you reach Stargell Star status.

I’m sure some of our regular users will be there shortly.

The comment button at the bottom left corner is your shortcut to the comments, and will alert you when there is anything new.

The notification bell in the menu bar at the top of the site will let you know if anyone has responded to any of your comments across the site.

The sidebar of every post has a section that features the latest comments, along with the highest rated comments and discussion threads of the last week.

The comments work off your Pirates Prospects site account, so there’s no need to sign up for a new service. You might need to reset your password, though.

Your account page, which can be found in the site menu, has a section where you can change your avatar, if you want a custom look.

The comments from the old system will be imported soon, restoring all of the old discussions.

The final thing I’ll be focusing on is giving you guys the ability to customize your screen names. I’m hoping to have that added in the next day.

If you notice any issues, or have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!

If you’re having any issues commenting, you can email me at tim@piratesprospects.com.

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Love the changes. At the rate I comment, it will take me 5 years to get to AA…not unlike many actual bucs’ prospects 😉


Great update to the commenting system, much easier for us wail and moan!


First of all, thank you for addressing Comment system, because the previous one was unusable on a smart phone. I don’t expect I will get a lot of votes, because I refuse to make excuses or apologize for decades of Pirates management incompetence…and it hasn’t gotten any better. I will be harshly critical until ownership at least pretends to care about winning, support a respectable payroll, and hire a competent management team.


Kent Tekulve is somewhere on this site, already with 500 likes.


I already mentioned it but nice update you all have done here.




First post in the forum. Love the website and happy to be part of the community

Ethan Hullihen

Hey, it’s me


Test….first time I have ever been able to post!


So BucknPuck is now willymogarcia and agent is nmagera?


my identity has been revealed!


Hope your love ones are not in danger!


yep it was an easy change. thanks for making all these changes so quickly!


I assume a John article is forthcoming, but interesting name tied to Pirates for draft, per Baseball America

John Dreker

I didn’t see the BA article until just maybe 15-20 minutes ago, but I probably would have waited anyway because with two months out, we don’t need two draft articles on the same day. There will be something over the weekend, waiting to see because Friday is usually a good mock draft day



Player with MLB roots. Which narrows it down for you to about, probably, still like 200 prospects lol


So far so good.


i was probably one of the few fans of the older commenting system, but i’m digging the look of the current system. i’m glad this system will work better on mobile for everyone.


Haha, very few I think.


Awesome, I haven’t been able to post. Glad to be able to now 👍



Arky Wags

Anyone else having an issue having to reset their password about 45 times after the update? I thought it was due to my sub being up so I got another one, but it appears that’s not it.

Arky Wags

Thanks! Took me a couple of whacks, but I think it’s all set.


Yes, it is always an adventure for me. I was emjayinTN for about 10 years and then I screwed something up and became Mel (my first name) about a year ago. Needless to say, I am a “Boomer”!

Arky Wags

I figured it out. User error. Which is what it always is, rather than my first diagnosis (the machines).


Cool, it works


You guys are always updating the site. Great job.

This team is 2 good back end relievers away from being 17-13.
I think I might have been the only person that wasn’t a fan of the clay Holmes trade. It would be so nice to have Holmes in the back of that bullpen with bednar. Castillo looks like a pretty good young player so maybe we still win the trade, I just really wish we had some better back end relievers. Stratton and hembree just don’t do it for me.
I also hated the decision to let chad kohl go. I understand he would have been expensive for a reliever but he could have been a really good guy to work late in games.
I love what cherington is doing but he hasn’t been able to build bullpens like his predecessor. I hope that changes moving forward.


The quickest and cheapest way to improve a team is to build a strong pen, and with Holmes’ years of control (not a FA until after the ’24 season) the trade only made sense if they didn’t believe in Holmes’ potential.

I agree on Castillo, but Holmes and Bednar at the back of the pen would be like when we had Watson and Melancon.

Plus, Holmes is another pitcher worth more now than at the time of the trade–a GM has to be able to trade players at peak value and Cherington hasn’t been able to do that. Arguably, their current teams could get more for Bell, Holmes, Musgrove, and Taillon now than they did at the time we traded those players. Frazier is probably about neutral (.852 OPS in May–he’s still Adam Frazier) and only Stallings seems to be a clear example of trading a player at his peak. I put some of that blame on our coaches not being able to get the most out of players.


The flipside and in support of Cherington is that Bednar, Contreras, Peguero, and Rodriguez are also worth more now than when we acquired them, and Suwinski is making his case too.

Arky Wags

I’d say they have a lot of other issues keeping them from 17-13; any bullpen, even really good ones, are gonna blow games from time to time. Also for all the love NH gets about his bullpens, they weren’t all that great from top to bottom.


I’m sure the android folks will love this.


You are an early riser Mr. Scott K, noticeable, ill give you a thumbs up to get you within 499 ‘likes’ of Stargell Star level🤣🤷‍♂️


Good stuff Tim👏👏👍👍

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