P2Daily: It Seems Like Missed Games Are Going to Be a Reality

I’ve been expecting MLB to miss games in 2022.

I’ve been expecting that since before the 2020 season, when the MLB and MLBPA had issues trying to work out a deal to play games in a shortened season.

I’ve been expecting a work stoppage after seeing the levels of MLB’s greed over the years, and their total disregard for their employees.

This is an organization of owners that have routinely fought to keep minor leaguers from having rights to argue for fair pay, with MLB relying on their anti-trust status to crush any legal opposition.

This is an organization of owners who made smart business moves to monetize the game of baseball outside of the game of baseball, and have worked ever since to avoid giving those gains to the players who make the product that is being sold.

This is an organization of owners who believe they’re entitled to our tax dollars when it’s time for them to add a new stadium, and who openly play games with public cities, negotiating in the public by suggesting other cities they could move to, if a stadium deal isn’t reached.

Why wouldn’t they keep treating the players, their employees, like they aren’t the actual product?

Why wouldn’t they keep openly negotiating in favor of their interests, complaining in public about how the other side just isn’t playing fair?

Why wouldn’t they keep expecting that they will get every concession and every benefit from every side in order to maintain the same profitability and franchise valuations as they have in recent years?

There has been an optimistic view that games won’t be missed, and the argument for this tends to boil down to “I can’t imagine either side would be stupid enough to miss games.”

Don’t count the owners out.

We’ve already seen how they can try to negate this. They’ve set a deadline for Monday, and have also unilaterally said they will not be paying the players for a full season in 2022. As if that’s not something that would be part of the negotiations, rather than something the owners can just come out and use as a threat.

Ultimately, the owners can afford to miss games. Especially the ones that don’t matter as much in April and May.

The players are the ones who are hit harder if the owners decide they’re not paying for those games. In this scenario, all the owners are doing is shedding their biggest losses and smallest earning games, in favor of only paying the players for the biggest earning games later in the season.

The owners, meanwhile, want a system in place that they can manipulate.

They want a salary cap without having a salary cap. If they had an actual salary cap, they’d have to enforce a salary floor. The current luxury tax system allows for an unofficial salary cap, which teams have coincidentally respected in the same way as a salary cap.

MLB wants to keep the current system.

They want to keep the current system where players are paid a smaller percentage of overall league earnings.

They want to reduce the amount of minor league players they are paying.

MLB spent the months leading up to the lockout inking long-term TV deals that should net them at least $6 billion in media rights dollars per year. They’re spending the entire lockout now trying to keep costs as low as possible.

It seems they might be willing to sacrifice some of their product to make this happen.

And they will absolutely keep playing to whoever in the public is sentimental to their plight of trying to run a business funded by tax dollars and the surplus values of 21-27 year old players waiting to be paid appropriately for their production.

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