First Pitch: More MLB Position Rankings

Yesterday we looked at position rankings from Fangraphs, which were based on their projections for the 2020 season. The Pittsburgh Pirates did poorly overall in the three spots we covered yesterday. They were 15th overall at second base, 17th at first base and 30th at third base. Today we add four more positions to the mix and things don’t get any better.

Fangraphs has Bryan Reynolds regressing a bit this year and the replacements when he’s not in the lineup don’t add any value. That leaves left field for the Pirates 25th overall.

Behind the plate, with Jacob Stallings as the main starter, the Pirates rank 21st overall. Combining Luke Maile and John Ryan Murphy, Fangraphs has Stallings getting just over half of the playing time.

At shortstop, the Pirates rank 28th overall. Kevin Newman will have some regression according to Fangraphs, while Cole Tucker will do slightly better in his limited time. JT Riddle and Erik Gonzalez also see some shortstop time.

In center field, Jarrod Dyson getting about half of the time leads to a 24th overall ranking. Fangraphs has Dyson getting 130 plate appearances, while five other players split 129 plate appearances, including some time from Bryan Reynolds and Guillermo Heredia.

Through seven of the eight positions, the Pirates rank in the 15-30 range for each one, with an average placement of 23rd overall.

**We will have at least four articles today, including the one you’re currently reading. If any news comes up or the live video feed from PNC Park, we will have more. The other scheduled articles for today are as follows:

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Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday. Tomorrow is the first exhibition game and Opening Day is just seven days away.