First Pitch: MLB Releases 2021 Schedule

On Thursday afternoon, Major League Baseball released the 2021 schedule. It seemed a little early to release it so I checked with last year’s schedule release and that happened on August 12th. I also remember last year seeming early, but it was only ten days earlier than the 2019 release. Anyway, here are some highlights to the schedule, which can be found here.

The regular season opens up on April 1st in Chicago against the Cubs. After a trip to Cincinnati, the Pirates have their home opener on April 8th against the Cubs.

The interleague schedule begins on April 20th and the Pirates will face the AL Central again. They play a series in Detroit, then Minnesota, before coming home to face the Kansas City Royals. Then after some NL games, the Pirates are in Kansas City for two games (May 31-June 1). The Indians and White Sox come into PNC Park in mid-June, then we go all the way until August 31st/September 1st for two games in Chicago against the White Sox. Finally, the Tigers come into town during the first week in September.

The regular season wraps up with three October (1st-3rd) games against the Cincinnati Reds. The road schedule winds up with four games against the Phillies (Sept 23-26). That will end a two-year drought of no games in Philadelphia. The Pirates last played there in August of 2019 and they won’t play there this year.

The Pirates will make three separate trips to California to play the Padres, Giants and Dodgers, so the schedule makers did them no favors in that regard.

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