First Pitch: Derek Shelton and Justin Meccage Discuss Pitching and Defense

Pittsburgh Pirates manager Derek Shelton and bullpen coach Justin Meccage met with the media and discussed pitching, defense and pitching coach Oscar Marin, who seems to be a daily topic since Spring Training 2.0 started. AT&T SportsNet tweeted out segments of the interviews, which I have included below. We start with the two videos for Shelton.

Here’s his comments on the pitching of Steven Brault and Chad Kuhl

Shelton talks about the Pirates prioritizing defense

There have been a lot of questions about new pitching coach Oscar Marin recently. Here’s another one directed towards Justin Meccage, the bullpen coach.

Here’s Meccage talking about his relationship with Shelton

Meanwhile, in Altoona….

Pirates had an afternoon scrimmage yesterday, but no live video feed. Not sure why, but I was here waiting for it so I could post the link. If they have one today, I’ll post a quick article with the lineups and link to the feed. If they’re done with the live feeds, then you only have to wait three more days until the first exhibition game on TV.

**We will have at least four articles today, including the one you’re currently reading. If any news comes up or the live video feed, we will have more. The other scheduled articles for today are as follows:

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Hope everyone has a nice Wednesday!