Updates on the Work Stoppage

There’s been a bunch of little news items today, including some recent news from the Pittsburgh Pirates. I’ll include the links to the items here.

The Pirates announced some furloughs and pay cuts related to the work stoppage. We are probably going to hear more of these from other teams, with most of them promising earlier in May to cover employees through June 1st. The Angels just made HUGE cuts to their baseball ops staff, and the Cubs have also made recent money-saving cuts. There could be more, but those are the two I saw today. Here’s the message from team president Travis Williams:

The pay cuts on the baseball operations side range between 5-25% and are for employees who make more than $50,000.

Ken Rosenthal provided some good news on the baseball ops side.

As far as the work stoppage goes, here are some tweets from Jon Heyman and Jeff Passan about the situation.

Passan said in a second tweet that “The MLBPA’s response should represent a step forward in negotiations with the league on striking a broader deal for baseball to return. While there remains a chasm with regards to pay, the shared interest of health and safety should provide groundwork for further discussions.”

Jon Heyman says that a 50/50 revenue split almost certainly won’t be accepted by the players

Ken Rosenthal has an article on the Athletic about how baseball execs would handle the proposed safety changes.

If there’s more news, I’ll update this article.


Joel Sherman says that the MLBPA sent their response to the proposal. Here are his updates:

and this from talks with players and agents

And this tweet about testing often. This was talked about from the start and shouldn’t be an issue. MLB wanted to start play when their frequent testing wouldn’t affect the public’s ability to test.