Live Discussion: Videos for Chris Archer, Cole Tucker, Eduardo Vera and the Escobars

Yesterday’s first day of Spring Training workouts saw a lot of rain, which pushed everything indoors away from the media. So today we have some videos from bullpens. Tim Williams was able to get Chris Archer, Eduardo Vera, Luis Escobar and Elvis Escobar. He then went over to the field and got the end of Cole Tucker’s infield practice, so that’s included below.

Here’s Archer throwing to Francisco Cervelli

Here’s Luis Escobar, who has more of an upright delivery than before. His catcher is Steven Baron.

Here’s Eduardo Vera with Arden Pabst catching.

Here’s the little lefty bring heat. Elvis Escobar throws to Jason Delay

Finally, here is Tucker in the field. No throws today, just grounders.

Here’s more videos. This time the catchers are doing the hitting. First up is Elias Diaz taking batting practice

Next is Jacob Stallings

Last is Francisco Cervelli

The Pirates have a saying on the minor league said: “It all starts in Bradenton”…but now you know how far you have to travel to get elsewhere.




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