Submit Your Pirates Questions For Friday’s Q&A

This has been a busy week on the personal side for me. My brother got into LSU for his medical intern year and residency, and I drove up north to visit him and celebrate on the day he was set to find out where he was going. That was followed by a brief stop in Raleigh to visit my best friends, before leaving today for Atlanta to meet my fiancée for wedding showers this weekend.

Add in the work on the Prospect Guide, plus a few articles, and it’s been a week with a ton of driving and a hectic writing schedule.

I wanted to do a live chat this week, but I’m not sure when I can carve out two hours to answer questions. So we’re going to do things a bit different this week. We’ll do a Q&A format, where you submit questions in the comments, then I answer them tomorrow in an article format, allowing me to expand a bit more on certain subjects. Depending on the questions, we may stretch it out into multiple articles, especially if a question is better answered in an individual article.

If this format works better, it might be something we do on a weekly basis going forward.

Submit your questions below in the comments.




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