Pittsburgh Pirates Sign Eight More Draft Picks

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed five draft picks on Wednesday and there could be more names on the way tonight or tomorrow. As for right now, we can confirm that the following players signed their contracts today:

11th round. Alex Manasa

21. Robbie Glendinning

22. Brett Pope

23. Ben Bengtson

28. Matt Seelinger

All except Seelinger still had college eligibility left. We also know that 42nd overall pick Steven Jennings was on his way to Pittsburgh today, so he would be the big name that we hear about when they make an official announcement. We will post any updates from tonight in this article and I’ll update the title if that happens. I’ve linked each name to their player page and our draft tracker has been updated.

That didn’t take long. As promised, here are the other names from today:

16. Hunter Stratton

20. Will Reed

26. Lucas Tancas

All three had college eligibility left. The Pirates have announced 20 signings and the actual number is over 25 with seven college seniors unannounced, who just may not be official yet.

Manasa, Reed, Stratton and Bengtson are all assigned to Bristol. The other four are off to Morgantown.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    June 22, 2017 7:57 am

    Off topic…but Hurdle costs the team another game by stubbornly using Hudson in a high leverage situation…another HR and loss

  • 2017-2013 11th rounders drafted by Neal Huntington:
    Alex Manasa, Max Kranick, Christian Kelly, Gage Hinsz, Eric Weiss

    2012-2008 11th rounders drafted by Neal Huntington:
    Chris Diaz, Jo-El Bennett-Lowe (unsigned), Dan Grovatt, Aaron Baker, David Rubinstein

    I’m not saying the first group is breaking down doors or anything but its a solid group for being the 300-something guy being picked, so I’m guessing the draft rules changed prior to the 2013 draft and Neal figured out how to get talent other organizations skipped over for various reasons. I’m interested in Manasa because he seems to be as close to a blank slate in terms of pitching experience (wear and tear) while possessing the physical build and arm talent this front office covets.

    • Don’t knock that second group. Aaron Baker got us Derrek Lee who had a magical 28 games in 2011. Then he loved playing with the Pirates so much he retired that offseason. Give NH credit for drafting Hinsz and Kranick when I’m not sure either were likely to sign. Both I think took much less then they were asking for if memory serves.

  • Jerry Lane putting on a show for why umps shouldn’t call balls/strikes. Stop the insanity.

  • John … I know Busby’s still playing but has there ever been an indication that he would or would not sign?

    Also, I read Tim and your Morgantown article which stated he would their only player in the top 50 if he signed. Was that implying he would be around 50 or just stressing that no one else is even in the top 50?

    • Looks like FSU may be out of the WS tonight…

    • I think they meant he was the only decent prospect on a weak roster. I would hope a college junior, with our current minor league system, would be top 15.

      • That’s what I was hoping to – at least top 20

        • No questions about Busby are allowed until next Thursday. Where is deacs and why isn’t he doing his job?

          Tim was stressing top 50, as in one player from a whole team will make it.

          • I just saw this!! Not my fault.

            • Maybe we should start a go fund me to add to Busby’s bonus if he signs early just to reduce the questions (jk).

          • Sorry about that. Have you heard any news concerning Mike Gretler from Oregon State?

            • Don’t apologize to John. You have a thirst for knowledge and he has answers. After a couple of scotches Saturday night I’m going to start asking about an updated top 30 before all these guys sign. He loves that. Loves it.

              • In all seriousness, I am starting to think about that. Are Meadows, Newman, and Hinsz dropping a tier? Did Tucker, Craig, Kramer, and Nunez do enough to rise up a tier?
                These are the kinds of things I need to know – now!