Winter Leagues: Carlos Munoz Homers; Jason Rogers Picks Up Three Hits

In the Dominican league playoffs on Tuesday night, Jason Rogers collected three singles, as his team dropped a 2-0 decision. Rogers had half of his team’s hits, which were all singles. He’s 5-for-14 (.357) with five walks in the playoffs. He batted just .194 during ten regular season games, though he did draw ten walks, so the OBP was above league average.

On the other side of the field, Eury Perez went 2-for-4 with two singles. He is batting .368 through five playoff games.

In Venezuela, Jose Osuna went 1-for-3 with an RBI, which accounted for the only run in his team’s 8-1 loss. He went 2-for-5 in the playoff opener on Monday.

Elvis Escobar made his playoff debut off the bench, coming in as a pinch-runner in the seventh inning. He played the last two innings on defense in left field and didn’t record a plate appearance. Escobar finished the winter league regular season with a .265/.280/.388 slash line in 48 games.

In Mexico, Carlos Munoz connected on a three-run homer in the fourth inning (video below), though his team still dropped a 6-4 decision in their second playoff game. Munoz hit just two homers in 53 games during the regular season this winter. He went 1-for-4 in this game.

In Colombia, 16-year-old Francisco Acuna continued to impress, going 2-for-4 with his first triple. He is now hitting .303/.410/.424 through his first 12 games.

While Acuna is putting on a show for someone his age, 22-year-old Sandy Santos has struggled in Colombia. He went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts and a HBP on Tuesday. He’s now hitting .200/.273/.200 through 11 games. This league is still a little advanced for Santos, despite what the younger Acuna is doing. The level of competition in Colombia would be equal to High-A ball and Santos spent the 2016 season with Morgantown.

In the playoff opener in Puerto Rico, Danny Ortiz went 1-for-6 in his team’s 14-inning victory. He won the batting title in Puerto Rico with a .340 average and also finished first with an .813 OPS, yet he remains a free agent this winter.

Wednesday’s and Thursday’s results will be posted tomorrow morning.

  • waiting for word on rogers fate like reconstructing stonehenge

  • Did Rogers make it through waivers?

    • Nothing announced yet. Usually it’s ten days, which would have been Jan 2nd, but MLB shutdown twice for holidays and I’m not sure how many days they actually took off.

      Regardless if he gets picked up or remains with the Pirates, there will be an article about it when we find out.

      • John if he clears does he report to the Indy roster or does
        he have enough time to have the option to declare free agency?

        • He doesn’t have enough time and this would be the first time he is sent outright. Once a player has been sent outright already, then he has the right to refuse the second time. A player could ask for his release, but the team doesn’t have to do that.

      • Not only an article, but feedback from BFMD. If he clears waivers, then NH traded Broxton for a guy who nobody will pick up for the waiver price. If he gets claimed, NH exposed the next Pujols on waivers.

      • Thanks.

  • Acuna is the best prospect ever. Lets calm down about his potential. He has had a nice few games and that is all. I am sure he has a long way to go before he becomes the next Carlos Carrea.

  • Is it just a small sample fluke that Acuna is hitting so well, or is he really that good a player? At 16, that’s pretty amazing if he is.

    • I know he’s a good player because he went first overall in the winter league draft. Teams down there probably scouted him for years. What he is doing has to be due to sample size though. I can’t imagine any 16 year old going to the Florida State League right now and having success, but that is basically what he is doing. Tito Polo is on his team and he has a .393 OPS right now.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    January 5, 2017 9:43 am

    Not a good sign when a guy we DFA’d merits two headlines within a week…this may have been the worst off season in regards to any Pirates prospects not stepping up and drawing attention…

    • Everybody gets it. You hate Rogers, Gift, and Chris Stewart. They’re all the worst of all time. Did I miss anyone?

      • Eric Marshall
        January 5, 2017 10:10 am

        Probably more about a trade that should have never happened and then keeping players on 40 while DFA’d that same guy. Hope he clears so we have him as depth in 17. Winter leagues haven’t been great this year for the Pirates… whether it be injury or falling back from prior performance.

        • IIRC the Rogers trade happened before we acquired Jaso and Freese and he certainly would have had more time in Pittsburgh last year if those other moves hadn’t happened afterwards. Sure in the end it looks like a waste but, like with any “bad” move there comes a time to get over it and stop complaining every time you see the players name.

        • Acuna has done pretty well

      • PiratesFan1975
        January 5, 2017 12:33 pm

        Can you blame him? Jason, Gift and Chris won’t stay off his lawn.

        • It’s pretty sad that about 2 seconds after reading the news that Rogers was DFA’d I thought “well at least BFMD can stop bitching about this guy being on the roster now”. I guess I was wrong. Turns out he’s still bitching about him. Heck, he’s bitching about him even after he does something well, like have a couple nice winter league playoff games.

    • It’s timing. The playoffs in winter ball means fewer players are playing. You’re not going to put just anyone in the headline because for some reason, fewer people would have read this article if I wrote “Francisco Acuna Continues to do Well”. Rogers is still in the organization as of right now, so it’s not like he isn’t someone of note. He could end up as depth in Indianapolis and if he hits like the 2015 version they traded for, he will be back in Pittsburgh.

      I’m not sure why you feel the need to complain about who is in the title, but it’s not necessary. I’m going to put the player in the title who does something and gets people to read the article. I think it’s ridiculous to have to do that, but I’ve been here 6 1/2 years, I know how these things work. This article will get more views with Jason Rogers in the headline, and if that helps people learn more about Francisco Acuna and not act bewildered when he starts doing well in the States down the road, then it worked.

      • Maybe you just need to be more thorough in your write-ups. For example, “Mitch Keller walked his dog twice today and his leash arm felt fine afterwards” or “Kevin Newman pruned trees and finished with a 95% contact rate.”

        Seriously, though, the news about Acuna has me intrigued.

        • Already have my puns lined up and the kid is only 16.

        • To be the first pick in his Winter League at age 16 is a fantastic recognition of his skill-set in itself. I pulled up the BA summary of the International Draft and they reported he had signed for $130K but that the signing bonus was reduced to $70K due to “complications”.

          That sounds a whole lot like an age documentation issue – did the Pirates release any info regarding why the bonus was cut from $130K to $70K?

    • I feel like Edgar Santana and Eric Wood drew a lot of attention this off season.

      • And in both cases the attention was well deserved. Alen Hanson before the wrist injury and his batting success after returning was also well covered.

        Question – with the issues regarding Kang, why would the Pirates have placed Rogers on Waivers instead of guys like Ngoepe or Bostick? With MI’s Newman, Hanson, and Moroff all at AAA, Ngoepe and Bostick seem to be excess MI baggage with no future with the Pirates and no trade value.

        • Another question – In the Amateur Draft I think the Pirates have the #13 pick, then the #42 (inability to sign Lodolo), then the 2nd Round Pick and then the B Supplemental Pick. If we decided to pick up Joey Bats, which pick would we have to give to Toronto? Would it be our 3rd highest pick?