Gift Ngoepe and Dovydas Neverauskas Arrested in Toledo Over the Weekend

Gift Ngoepe and Dovydas Neverauskas were arrested in Toledo late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, Pirates Prospects has learned. Public arrest records are available, with both players being arrested by the Toledo Police Department.

Pirates Prospects has learned that the incident took place in a bar fight at The Blarney Irish Pub across the street from the stadium in Toledo.

Ngoepe was arrested under charges of simple assault. He was also charged with two counts of resisting arrest. The arrest took place at 2:43 AM Sunday morning. He was booked at 3:52 AM and released on $250 bond at 12:00 PM Sunday afternoon.

A Toledo Mud Hens player, Warwick Saupold, was also arrested for assault. A fourth person, Andrey Goncharuk, was arrested for assault in the same incident, although he is not a member of either organization.

Neverauskas was arrested at 2:43 AM under charges of misconduct and failure to obey lawful order. He was booked at 4:00 AM and released one hour later at 5:00 AM with a bond set at $100.

Both players were booked to appear in court on September 13th at 9:00 AM. Arrested records were available from the Toledo Municipal Court.


We have reached out to the Pirates for comment, and will update this article when we get a response. We have also reached out to the Toledo Police Department for more details on the incident. We will update with any information when it is available.

UPDATE 4:00 PM: I received a copy of the arrest report. The incident took place outside of The Bronze Boar, which is right down the road from The Blarney Irish Pub, across from the stadium.

The incident started when officers observed Goncharuk and Saupold yelling at each other with an individual between the two keeping Saupold from advancing. Saupold then punched Goncharuk in the face “with a closed right fist.” Saupold was placed into handcuffs on the police car.

At that point, the report says that Neverauskas was yelling obscenities at the officer making the arrest. He was ordered to go back and stand on the sidewalk, and stood next to the passenger door of the car. The officer yelled two more times for Neverauskas to stand back, and Neverauskas responded that he did already. After the third time, Neverauskas said “What are you going to do shoot me?”

The report says that Ngoepe then wrapped his arms around the officer from behind, attempting to prevent him from arresting Saupold. The officer pushed him away with his left elbow and ordered him to get off of him. The other officer was taking Goncharuk into custody.

Ngoepe was then ordered to come to the second officer. He turned and started to walk away. He was told to stop, and that he was under arrest. After he stopped, the officer grabbed him by his left wrist to cuff him, but he twisted his wrist away and began to walk away. While the second officer tried to arrest Ngoepe, Neverauskas came over and grabbed the officer’s left arm, attempting to grab Ngoepe as well. A third officer helped the second officer make the arrest, and the second officer told Neverauskas he was under arrest.

Neverauskas then resisted arrest, and was taken to the ground, being pulled by his shoulder area. He fell and landed on a landscaping brick next to the steps, which was the cause of the scratch on his forehead.

Witness reports said that the three players were upset when the bartender called for last call. After the situation escalated, they were ordered out of the bar, at which point Goncharuk stepped between Ngoepe and a female bartender he was yelling at, and told Ngoepe to leave. Ngoepe pushed Goncharuk and Goncharuk pushed Ngoepe to the floor. The three players waited outside, knocking on the glass, with Goncharuk waiting inside for 15 minutes for the players to leave. Goncharuk then said he had to leave, went outside, and that’s when the officers arrived and the incident started.

UPDATE 4:37 PM: I just received an official statement from Neal Huntington, saying both players have been suspended for seven days. There will be no additional statements. Here is the statement from Huntington:

“We are aware of the incident that took place over the weekend in Toledo, and are extremely disappointed in the actions of Gift and Dovydas. We have made the decision to suspend both players for seven days, taking them through the remainder of their seasons.”

  • I’m surprised he didn’t try to sell them for “financial flexibility”…that police report sounds terrible though, just idiot stuff

  • Come on, Tim. I pay for insider coverage. Why weren’t you at the Blarney Sunday night?

  • Well $h!t. Young dumb and drunk. What a horrible decision on their part.

  • So, a Lithuanian and a South African walk into a bar….Too soon?

  • Possibly 7 days away from a life-long dream for each and they decide to get drunk, risk a fight, and then risk getting shot (put his arms around a cop – Are you kidding me???).

  • Alcohol wins again! How dare a bartender make a last call at 2 AM!!!!

  • “Neverauskas fell and landed on a landscaping brick,” for anyone unfamiliar with Police Reports, is code for “got stomped by a few cops.”

  • Well sounds like total stupidity on the part of the players. A real shame because Ngoepe might have been a September call up. Sounds like NH’s stupidity with the trades is filtering through the organisation. I am starting to wonder if Huntington has reached the end of the line here. Really the prospect giveaways seem dumb to me.

  • blackandgoldpgh
    August 30, 2016 6:38 pm

    Nothing good happens past 2 AM…

    • It’s been a while since Tim’s How I met your mother article. I miss being 21.

  • Well this sucks:

    Pirates send Tito Polo and Stephen Tarpley to the Yankees to complete the Nova deal.

  • Well, when it rain it pours….See you in 2017.

  • It seems obvious that Gift and Dovydas made some bad decisions here, and that it is likely a few jokes will follow them into the next year both in the clubhouse and on forums like this. This being said, I being of the same age as the two and also not being originally from this country, sometimes not growing up here you mess up when dealing with the police. In Russia, where I’m from, our interactions with the police are quite a bit different than they are here (if you have any trouble like this, usually a bribe will take care of things). I still remember an unfortunate incident where I was arrested for getting in a machete fight in Georgetown, Guyana (I was defending myself from an assailant!) and was put in jail and stripped down and humiliated before the embassy was able to get involved. This all being said, given their backgrounds, and fully acknowledging that they made some bad decisions, I would personally preach some understanding of their unfortunate misconduct.

    • If these charges are misdemeanors or pleaded down to misdeanors then not much of an issue (fines, community service etc). If they are charged with felonies it would be more serious . Let’s hope they can work it out. Hate to see their baseball lives be jeopardized . Not excusing their behavior , especially approaching an officer from behind and resisting . Inexcusable but worthy of a second chance.

    • Agreed. Besides, who hasn’t been in a freak machete fight in Georgetown, Guyana?

  • There are more and more employers in this day and age that would fire employees for this conduct plead guilty of drunken misconduct shut your mouths and pay your fines .
    With all the hate crimes and shootings happening sometimes victims are at fault by what they do leading to it happening
    The money they can earn and they blow it by being dumb Gift was on the outside looking in he will be lucky if he doesn’t get some time behind bars for being a drunken idiot now

  • Andrew Rothstein
    August 30, 2016 4:46 pm

    Good development for Florimon … #FreePFLO

  • Did anyone ask NH if this had an affect on possible September callup? Ngoepe would have been a good late-inning glove, at least.

  • how hard is it to obey an officer…really guys?

  • 3AM.
    C’mon guys.
    You must need some new material.

  • PP has now added a criminal investigative branch! CSIPP! They also have a team of investigative reporters in Chicago.

  • Gift probably swung and missed.

  • I was at that same bar just one night earlier. Right across the street from 5/3 Field and normally a pretty good crowd with only the usual expected overdrinking being the only issues. Sounds like these two may have been an unfortunate part of that.

    • piraterican21
      August 30, 2016 4:10 pm

      Boys will be boys, I think is idiotic behavior, but then again I’m 48. This whole disciplinary rules MLB has is stupid, if I get into a fight or get a dwi I will not get suspended from work, but yet as fans we want this guys to burn when they mess up. Anyway, they wouldn’t had made a difference as call ups.

  • Looks like Trump was right about all of those foreigners.

  • I think they took #FreeGiftNgoepe a little too seriously.

  • Saupold was allowed to pitch in the game on Monday…?

  • Zachary Asman
    August 30, 2016 2:47 pm

    Man, Dovydas Neverauskas looks like someone I would 100% not want to fuck with. From his mugshot alone, he looks like he’s killed a man.

    • Agreed. He looks like a younger, skinnier, angrier Sawyer from Lost.

      • Sometimes I wish you idiots would stop and realize both of these young men are…

        Young men – in did some stupid things – and nothing much good ever happens after midnight when their is alchohol around…

        They have parents and families – the screwed up big time – but it ain’t like they slept with an intern.

        Laughing at them and comparing one them to an “Eastern European gangster” isn’t funny or appropriate IMHO.

        AND should have no place on this forum

        • Hey Bruce, read the update and then let me know if calling someone an angrier looking Sawyer from Lost is all that harsh. Give me a break. I didn’t condemn them to hell. I compared Neverauskas to a TV character. Unreal.

        • “Slept w/an intern”. Or started war on a lie.

          • You mean the same guy who didn’t have sex with an intern , who also believed that Iraq had WMD’s , because his CIA director was the same one that served and advised Bush?
            Or the same guy who didn’t fight terrorism at all, after five terrorist attacks on his watch during peace time, that eventually led to 9/11?

    • The most stereotypical Eastern European gangster mugshot.

    • It looks like somebody 100% fucked with him because his nose is all messed up. Looks like he got his ass kicked and then Ngope had to break it up by handling business.

    • Childish, immature, and inappropriate – your post that is. Tim, what is the sites policy on language?

      • Yet, you agree with dude using the same language….Come on, Bruce.

        • The Ditto meant the second dude was just as much an ass as the first.

          I come here for news and information- not to see childish behavior and idiots who can’t use the language resort to using the F word to compensate for their lack of vocabulary.

          Counting the days until my subscription – expires – that will make all you – and me very happy

          Feel free to buy me out at any time

          • Sorry Bruce, I hope you don’t ship over some colorful language.

          • “I come here for news and information- not to see childish behavior and idiots who can’t use the language resort to using the F word to compensate for their lack of vocabulary.”

            This. That’s why I commented about your complaint even though I normally just ignore them. See that’s just your opinion. Others may have the opinion that you are the one that struggles to “use the language” since you have decided that some words need to be off limits for some strange reason.

            There are lots of opinions. Just because someone has one that is different than yours, that doesn’t make them childish, an idiot, or an ass.

            I’m not one to judge but, giving up this awesome site because of a word…. who’s the one acting like the ass here?

            • it is not just the word – it is the attitude of quite a few posters here. A lot judged Kang guilty and felt that anyone who suggested let the process play out before making decision about what to do with/about him were condoning rape.

              These two jerks chose to jump on the comments and try and be funny – nothing funny IMHO about two young men making stupid mistakes.

              I have yet to see anyone ask what the Pirates policy in season is about being out late in a bar. If what they were doing was OK – why?

              I guess I come from a different time/era – what happened to curfews and bed checks?

              • For sure. Internet comment sections can be a cesspool if ignorance. In the end I see the content of this site being worth the money and ignoring the comments 95% of the time makes it that much better!

                Idk but, I imagine this stuff happened just as much in tbe past. News just traveled slower and could be swept under tbe rug.

      • Hopefully the sites policy on language is that we are all grown ass individuals free to use the words of our choosing. You don’t have to like it. I don’t like your constant complaining about everything that ever happens. I’ve also never felt the need to point this out before either as I just scroll right past whatever your complaint of the day happens to be. Maybe you can try the same if you personally don’t approve of someone’s language.

        • Not to mention, he’s asking Tim what the policy is with language….Essentially running to the principal’s office. Talk about childish.

      • Zachary Asman
        August 30, 2016 5:37 pm

        Wait, are you kidding me?

        • No sir – you should not bring that sort of language to a site that is open – yes it is subscription – but lots of kids have been known to figure out parents log in info – or have it given to them because they are fans too.

          Grow up – this isn’t you and your buds at the local bar downing a dozen imps and irons…

          If it is then someone should have told me and I would never have subscribed.

          • I can swear like a mother fu**er.

            GO BUCS.

          • Zachary Asman
            August 30, 2016 9:00 pm

            Please, get over yourself. It’s the comment section on the internet. If someone using the word “fuck,” especially when it’s not directed at anyone offends your sensibilities, you really should not go on the worldwide web. I’m sure if you looked at Tim’s comment history, you’ll find some four letter words. I doubt he cares and it astonishes me that a grown fucking man would actually throw a fit about a “bad word” being used on the sacred pages of the internet.

          • Math teacher alert.

  • Andrew Rothstein
    August 30, 2016 2:46 pm

    A couple of days away from possibly being called up … I wonder if wither will get the call now

  • Tim or John, question if a player is suspended due to the Leagues Player Conduct Rules do they count against a teams 40 man roster?

  • This close to September 1st. Guys, seriously?