Stewart Placed on Disabled List, Fryer Added to Roster, Jhang Promoted to Indy

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed catcher Chris Stewart on the 15-day disabled list with left knee discomfort. As mentioned yesterday, the Pirates claimed catcher Eric Fryer off waivers and he will take Stewart’s spot on the roster today. It’s interesting that Fryer was on the St Louis Cardinals when he got put on waivers, and that’s where he ends up meeting the Pirates for a four-game series.

Also, Elias Diaz has been assigned to Bradenton on rehab today, so he could be rejoining Indianapolis soon. ┬áHe will likely need time before he is ready for the majors since he hasn’t played a game since Spring Training.

Jin-De Jhang has been promoted to Indianapolis, switching places with Tomas Morales, who will serve as the backup in Altoona. I would think this move is short-term, as I don’t expect Diaz to be in Bradenton too long before returning to Indianapolis. Morales clearly isn’t a Triple-A caliber catcher yet, he was in Bristol last year for a reason, so this might just be to get Jhang some more playing time. He has been catching 1-2 times a week as Reese McGuire’s backup and hitting well in the role, though the catching skills are still unpolished behind the plate.

  • OK, I found it. Thanks

  • What happened to Ed Easley?

  • HartHighPirate
    July 4, 2016 12:44 pm

    Where is Taiwan catcher Jin De Jhang? I searched every roster AA, A, etc. and his name does not appear (am I missing something?). He has shown a lot of potential offensively as well as defensively during his development.

    • Altoona AA

    • Jonah Simon
      July 4, 2016 1:14 pm

      Called up to Triple-A this morning.

      • HartHighPirate
        July 4, 2016 2:09 pm

        Thanks Jonah. I did look on the Triple-A roster. Perhaps too soon to be upgraded. I am very pro Jin De Jhang. My son travels to Taiwan on business and he is a great baseball fan. He has attended games Taiwan vs. Puerto Rico etc.
        If Jin De Jhang gets to MLB he will be the first, and will get national recognition like Jung Ho Kang has gotten from Korea fans.

        • Jonah Simon
          July 4, 2016 2:41 pm

          With Easley released hopefully Jhang gets an oppurtunity for ample playing time.

  • I don’t completely understand this it leads to one of my
    multi-question postings. Answers appreciated.
    1) Why did the Cardinals allow Fryer to be exposed to waivers
    when they KNEW their division rival would definitely pick him up?

    2) Is there more to this story?

    3) I assume Stewart’s 15 day DL is going to last more than 15 days?

    4) Will the Diaz injury will push him back to a September call up.

    5) Will Cervelli and Fryer be our July 15-September 1 catchers?

    • Yes Dr. I have the same questions. Anything Huntington said today on his show?

    • blackandgoldpgh
      July 4, 2016 7:40 pm

      Brayan Pena back from the DL with StL. They had to expose Fryer to waivers to try to send him to AAA.

  • I always thought Fryer was a decent player…got to see him a little at OSU, in the minors, and with the Pirates. To me, is he really any worse than Stewart?

    • Agreed. I wonder if Kratz or Fryer goes away when Stewart returns. Might be moot if Cervelli is set to return when Stewart is.

  • Very good to hear Diaz is playing in games again.

  • John when Francisco and Stewy return wheres Fryer go? Can he be claimed by the Cards? And if so shouldn’t we be worried about him taking signs or pitching tendencies with him. I can see him remaining in Pitt. And if he is DFA he will go through the claiming process. I guess when Francisco returns who or what happens?

    • If fryer is stealing signs and pitch tendencies then he should start all four games in this set against the cards. Unfortunately the reality is that basically by default he should start all four games in this series against the cards.

    • Lol please tell me that you’re not serious about him taking signs and tendencies. Paranoid much?

  • And the beat goes on in an interesting season. Hopefully a Niese/Fryer battery doesn’t lead to a Grease/Fire….