Pirates 2016 Opening Day Payroll Exceeds $100 M For the First Time

USA Today has released their 2016 salary database, giving us a look at the league minimum salaries for the rest of the players on the active roster. That is always the final thing needed for the 2016 40-man payroll page. I’ve updated the payroll page with the new numbers, and the Pirates will be entering the season with an estimated payroll of $102.1 M. Click the 40-man link to view the details. A few notes:

**The payroll doesn’t account for in-season moves. The Pirates have averaged about $8 M in additional payroll during the season, whether that comes from calling up new guys throughout the year, claiming players off waivers, or adding players via trade. Last year, they actually added $10 M in payroll during the season, taking on a lot of cash at the trade deadline. So you can expect their final number to be at least $110 M.

**The Opening Day payroll doesn’t include projected bonuses. I add those throughout the year when they’re reached.

**I use the 40-man payroll, rather than the 25-man. MLB teams use 40-man numbers, and when you see the official numbers come out at the end of the year, they’re always 40-man numbers. You might think that the minor league salaries drive up the payroll (or at least that’s the common argument). The total of all the minor league guys on the 40-man is $896,500. As the season goes on, a lot of those minor leaguers will be called up, at which point they’ll be making major league salaries. I always pro-rate the major league salaries when players don’t play a full season.

**On that same note, the payroll is currently inflated a bit due to guys who are called up for injuries. Elias Diaz is counted at $510,000, but won’t make that amount the entire season, as he will eventually come off the DL and go back down to the minors. Kyle Lobstein will return to the minors when Jared Hughes gets off the DL. Someone like Cole Figueroa will go down when Jung-ho Kang returns. This is just a snapshot of the current projection.

**The payroll page is updated whenever a move is made. It also keeps track of option years, service time and contract situations. Keep the page bookmarked throughout the year, or find it under the “Rosters” tab at the top of the page. If you want to see long-term contract information, check out the Future Payroll page.

  • Who was the first professional athlete to recieve an average of one million a year over the life of a contract?

  • fun fact time! When NY Yankees first broke the 100m mark, their team could hold a celebration in the twin towers.

  • Mat Latos? Come on, NMR….You’re better than that, right?

  • To clear up any misunderstanding; I don’t care how much they spend, it’s their money. I’m just sick of hearing the argument they are this poor small market team who has to deal with the big market bullies each day. The facts have shown they are middle of the pack for revenue. If they can get wins for $3 million above replacement instead of $5 million that’s great. They should take credit for a good strategy instead of trying to make people feel sorry for their financial situation.
    The other perception from fans here is that a penny saved is a penny earned. When the Pirates had a $50 million salary they lost money and almost went bankrupt. When they spent close to $100 million their revenue was more than double that. If they do want to win they need to spend they just don’t need to spend like the Yankees, Dodgers and Cubs.

    • Are they really middle of the pack in revenue? I always see them in the bottom third.

      • Based on a Forbes report from the 2014 season they are above the bottom 1/3. Considering they keep breaking attendance records every year and they get more publicity I would think their revenue increased at higher percentage than other teams in the middle revenue bracket.

        • Not that I have any insider info but I have read that Forbes uses a lot of guess work to arrive at their numbers. We have one of the worst tv contracts and even though we are setting attendance records the overall numbers aren’t great and we have the lowest average prices in all of baseball. So I am not sure where the $ is coming from – Cutch jerseys?

          • If you know the TV deal is bad, so does Forbes, so I’m sure they took that into the consideration. Some numbers leaked a few years back so they have a bases to figure out the revenue.

  • I don’t care how much they spend, if they keep winning 90+ games a season. Ask the Yankee, Red Sox, Nationals fans if they would trade teams with the Pirates and they would do it in a heartbeat.

    • I doubt that, because Red Sox and Yankees fans consistently believe no matter what that they have the best team in baseball, and actual Nationals fans just don’t really exist.

    • Geeeesh….
      A true “settler” perspective…

      Red Sox won WS and Eastern Division 2013 2007 2004 that’s six pennants that the ‘bucs don’t have.

      Nationals have two – Division flags in 2014 and 2012

      Pirates lost won a Division flag in 1992 – NL and WS in 1979
      You don’t win silver – you lose gold…

  • This is off topic, but I was watching the Cubs- Angels game. The way the announcers were talking about the Cubs (barely mentioned the Angels), I think every Cubs player, including bench players, should automatically be inducted into the Hall of Fame.This makes perfect sense since the Cubs already have the division wrapped up.

    • It sure was sickening for sure. And Joe Madden is the greatest manager in baseball history….

      So hope they all crash and burn (baseball wise, that is).

  • I know it’s too early for this but applying mgmt’s preferences when Kang returns, isn’t Morse the likely choice to be cut?

    Stewart and Freese will stay put
    S-Rod and Figs will stay because you need two back up INFers (and one must play SS)

    Meaning it is down to Morse and Joyce – and Joyce is a much better OFer and he is the only legit LH bench option

    • That makes sense. Considering Freese bats from the right side. He could be the right side of the platoon at 1st. S-rod and Figueroa would be the back up middle infielders.

    • Might be able to throw Morse on the DL and delay any decision, seems like he’s been fighting nagging injury most of ST that the team keeps murmuring about.

  • Here is something for all of the math teachers out there.

    Go to Cole Figueroa’s twitter page.
    Figure out what it says at the top.

    After reading it, I have decided that I am one of
    his newest fans. The guy must really be smart!

    • He was able to quote PIE many digets out on PIE day. March 14.

    • Looking at all his posts start to make my brain hurt. Look at his reading material. Hurdle wants him around to explain all the sabermatrix. He likes Pi day because it comes full circle every year. At least I get his jokes.

      • Look at the top of the twitter page REALLY carefully.

        For math majors it will take a lot of thought.
        For many, they will never get it.

    • DR DOG I have been saying that for a longtime. I heard him interviewed he definitely was the smartest guy in the room.

    • If you’re into podcasts/radio stuff go look up the episode of Effectively Wild where he was interviewed. Definitely a smart guy.

  • Congratulations to the Pirates on several fronts. See I do not always bash the FO. First the win and Liriano beating the Cards in the opener and the tribute to James Conner a first class citizen. Second, the contract extension to Polanco that is well deserved and will pay dividends [that so-called cheap Nutting] this year. It is too bad that Gene Freeze opps I mean David Freeze cannot play short as he has a much better bat than Mercer.

    • Be careful liking the kool-aid here isn’t enough, you have to drink it to the last drop.

  • Last might I went to MLB.com to the St. Louis news. I like to read the comments from TBFIB after the Bucs play the Cards. Several complained that despite the 2nd highest attendance in MLB the Cards didn’t spend enough in the off season. Their owners must be cheap and want to put the profits in their pockets

    • they are also saying Matheny is a horrible manager.

      • Tactically, I don’t think that is an arguable point.

        • I only wish it was true though.

          • Matheny is pretty damn poor when it comes to sound in-game strategy. Has about three relievers he trusts, overuses them, usually near the top the of the league in using bullpen on zero days rest, and they get injured.

            Will bat the starter late in close games, he IBBed Alvarez 4 times last year and Pedro had a 20% walk rate against the Cardinals, he frequently would bring in LHH against Melancon.

            He isn’t exactly Earl Weaver out there, but then in-game tactics while drawing a lot of discussion is only one of the traits front offices are looking for in a manager. And based on how smart front offices have hired managers being a sabermetrician in the dugout is of ancillary importance.

            • I don’t like him. It seemed like those walks to Pedro paid off in that last series. He seemed like a wizard at having the Pirates leave the bases full. I don’t know how his pitchers make it the way he manages them.

            • I think his plan to try and have an all righty lineup against Liriano in PNC Park was ill advised. For one it’s PNC park the other is Liriano gets righties to chase his slider.

              • I don’t care for him either, but a smart team employs him despite his poor tactics, I just think other parts of managing, like man management are much more important.

                Watch enough of the Cardinals read articles from some of their smarter writers/fans, he makes a lot of sub-optimal moves.

      • Horrible seems a stretch, but he does have some rather glaring issues from a non Cardinal fan view.

        Not the greatest situational game manager, and I think he just uses the starters to a point where it causes injury/late season fatigue. He rolls with his starters a ton, and at some point fatigue hits harder when you’ve had Yadi play all but 3 games up until August.

        • Horrible was kinda of a paraphrase of what they were saying. I still don’t know how they pulled off so many wins last year with how poor they were at batting.

        • I agree, and fatigue leads to injuries. This is especially affects older players. Molina, Wainright and Holliday are all in the mid-30s and seem to get injured every year.

    • I’d say every fan whose team that didn’t win the WS last season would make the argument they’d have done better if they spent more. But the gripe might carry a little more weight when it comes from a consistent underspender like the Pirates.

      Not knocking the values they’ve gotten…but, yeah, I would’ve loved to have seen a Lackey-like pickup from them to tighten up the rotation.

      • I agree with that. We have the fun of being arm chair GM here. Based on the article a little more spending wouldn’t have broken the bank.

  • PieRat: It rained today.
    Luke S: Why do you have to bring up such a wet subject?
    PieRat: I just pointed out it rained today. At least there in no Pirate game that might be postponed because of it.
    Luke S: What do you mean? Rain is an old topic, Are saying, I’m glad there is no Pirate game today? Are you saying players are wimps because they don’t play in the rain?
    PieRat: No, I didn’t say that Luke. I don’t think they need to change the rules about playing in the rain either.
    Luke S: oh I see, You are still mad the Pirates didn’t build a dome.
    PieRat: No Luke, I really like PNC park. I think it is the best in baseball.
    Luke S: There you go again saying they spent so much on making the best stadium that they can’t spend it on players. I can’t believe you continue to argue these things.

  • anyone want to join the fantasy baseball league I started? Head-to-Head weekly lineups, AL/NL 10 teams. Is a prize/pay league with cbssports, live draft scheduled for Friday night. Just looking for maybe 4 people to augment my friends that want to play. Let me know

    • Only if i get Trout and Cutch. Fair demands.

      In seriousness I suck at paying attention with fantasy baseball enough to be useful, but happy hunting on some takers to play.

      • You fantasy guys are killing the game.

        (Am I doing the indognant old white guy thing correctly?)

        • Thats literally what happens in my head when people start talking fantasy sports.

          I did it for about 3 straight years and realized it was killing how i enjoyed sports.

          • Ha, I actually completely agree. I used to do fantasy football because that was the only thing that kept me interested. Never got into fantasy baseball.

      • Cutch usually goes late the 2nd round so that’s actually quite possible. I got him late in the 3rd round after goldschmit and machado myself- a steal even though I’m not the hugest cutch fan in the world

    • I’m done with this years fantasy baseball, did an auction draft and over payed a little on Pollock…. Next thing you know out for the season…

  • The difference between now and the past is in the past they would have signed Voglesong and said he is the next Price and will give us 20 wins. At least now when they sign players like Voglesong they admit the upside is a 5th starter or depth option. The reason I heard for trading Charlie Morton was a salary dump. They could of also tried to sign Happ. They spend their money well, but they could of made the same decisions and still been able to afford one of those pitchers. For as many good things they do they make some big reaches.

    • Eric Marshall
      April 5, 2016 9:11 am

      Nobody wanted Happ last year. In fact the same message you are stating on Voglesong was being said of Happ. Terrible Waste. Pirates are stupid and don’t want to make a run. Happ is terrible. We need Cueto and got Happ. Critic them after results is fair. If you just like to whine about the Pirates not spending like the Dodgers… well, there is no help for you then. 🙂

      • Oh my goodness, another Luke minion 😉 I wasn’t whining at all. I think the Pirates have done a good job. You can like the kool-aid here, but if you don’t drink it to the last drop you are a whiner and heathen. You guys are deep in it here. “Oh I have faith in the front office.” “don’t you trust them.” “I just accept anything they do.” “oh my, oh my, I feel I chill running up my leg just talking about NH.” Come on people enjoy it, but get real here.

  • You again, eh? Different handle this time. Boy you live some sad life.

    • Different handle
      April 4, 2016 3:52 pm

      Nah, what’s sad is how you take yourself so seriously on a ⚾️ blog. You’re the one that’s more emotional than a teenage girl. It’s a ⚾️ blog dude, dedicated to a team and their organization that you support. Relax and enjoy.

      I don’t devote much of my time to reading your entire body of work, but when I’m in the neighborhood, I look out for ya. You don’t disappoint! Lol

  • The Pirates have won the second most games in MLB over the last 3 years combined, baseball organization of the year, have the best outfield in MLB locked down for years and have 5 very bright MLB ready prospects and yet some complain about their payroll ?? They are a well run business and will be a serious World Series contender for years to come. How much they spend does not necessarily equate to Ws and Ls at this point.

    • Word

    • Many of us who counted each and every one of those 21 years without a .winning record know and appreciate the patience and intelligence of this Pirate Management Team. They have accumulated the position players and pitching prospects to take us through the mid-2020’s without having to pay the outrageous amounts that SP’s are getting these days.

      They do not make all of the best moves, but they make enough good ones to stay ahead of the game.

    • peanutbutterguts
      April 4, 2016 4:21 pm

      Whoa, Bill stoppit.

    • And you know what my question is without me even asking – the streak that matters is 36 and counting says me and Bob Walk

  • Just curious, Tim:

    1. How do you account for Michael Morse’s salary? Are you estimating dollar for dollar what Tabata was to have made?

    2. What happens salary-wise with someone like Jake Goebbert, who was signed to a major league contract? Isn’t some portion of that guaranteed even if he signs elsewhere?

    On another note, I was reading about your travel plans for the early part of the season – it’s so great to see that through your dedication to the site you’re now able to travel to watch and write about baseball. I hope that never gets old for you.

    Great job on the site.

    • Not Tim, but most guys like Goebbert have a split contract. One amount for the majors and another for otherwise.

    • 1. It’s broken down on the sheet. His salary is in the main section, and credit for what the Dodgers are sending is in the credits section.

      2. Right now I’ve got his minor league portion included in the other expenses. The Pirates would pay that, unless another team claims him or signs him and places him on the 40-man roster.

      The travel definitely doesn’t get old.

  • Jackpot!

    • Look at the Freese signing and the Polanco resigning. We’re spending money in an intelligent way. I’ve come to accept that the Pirates don’t do blockbuster deals, we do the smart deals.

      • I agree and they definitely get the most out of their spending. Reds and Brewers both spend more with similar revenue with nothing to show for it. It seems like they have room to spend more though. Add that to smart game plan and a little more goes a long way. According to the story they fall in the middle of the pack for revenue.

      • They do a good job at that. If they throw money at the market they miss players like Freese. This article is more to show how well they have done. It also shows they aren’t pushing the budget and might have been able to do more.

    • I think I enjoy the Pirates more because they win and are budget minded as well. They know maybe 10 years from now they may be back at the bottom looking up again. It’s just smart business and we certainly do not ever want them to go bankrupt. Pittsburgh is a city that epitomizes hard working lunch bucket people who are not rich and certainly don’t cry about it. The Steelers became a dynasty built on tough guys and underachievers (need I say more than the name Jack Lambert.) and are as beloved as any franchise in the world. When a player comes to the Pirates and overachieves we love him. Andrew McCutchen wears the face of the franchise because he is not about the millions he’s missing, he seems fine with the millions he’s making and certainly appreciative. That’s special and very very rare. I became a Pirate fan because I grew up 50 minutes away. I stayed a Pirate fan because they make me feel good to be a fan. Homegrown talent from the draft and calculated business moves will ensure they keep me as a fan. I’m okay with that.

    • Why ? And what free agent this Winter ? Price ? Chris Davis ? Zobrist at his cost ? Heyward ? Please don’t make me laugh. Davis is a strike out machine no where near the money the Orioles paid him, and do you seriously think the Red Sox were going to let any one out bid them for Price ? Answers from ” The Point….” please.

      • Oh yeah, the Pirates totally couldn’t have used a free agent starting pitcher this winter…

        • It aint truly the start of the season if we dont have the monthly payroll teeth gnashing on all sides of the issue.

          Baseball season, she officially has started.

          • Re-read his post; if you think this is teeth gnashing, I don’t know man, that’s pretty thin skin.

            I don’t agree with his “top free agent” suggestion, but it’s pretty clear that the club has barely kept pace with spending relative to the league and it sure as heck looks like there’s more capacity there.

            • Im not agreeing or disagreeing with either side, im saying this issue is played out and this article was begging for the argument to be had by those that want to have it in the comments section.

              We discussed it last offseason, this offseason, this spring training. Someone complains, both sides entrench, it usually ends in insults.

              There isnt anything new to add.

              • Different handle
                April 4, 2016 3:28 pm

                Ahhhh the predictability and yet here we are engaging in it. What shall we do?

                • I prefer some light hearted jokes while watching others get waist deep in the details back and forth.

                  No one ever comes out of this discussion swayed either way. Except maybe to drink more.

                  • Different handle
                    April 4, 2016 3:36 pm


                  • It seems you are looking for an argument today Luke. I said Pirates do well with the money they spend for the most part. I can tell you didn’t actually read it. You have made up your mind and cannot take in any facts. The article comes to the conclusion the Pirates did a good job. Please read before being a dufas.

                    • Im confident its clear who is/isnt looking for a fight.

                    • I hope you know I understood your point and was questioning the guy at ” The Point …” who usually seems to think he is better at the GM game than NH. Of course then the resident genius/ defender of the downtrodden has to get into it.

                    • Sorry leo, people are jumping all over my ccase today when I am actually feeling pretty good about what the Pirates have accomplished.

                    • Eric Marshall
                      April 5, 2016 9:23 am

                      It’s the same old “congratulations but” thing. You say you feel good “BUT” i could feel better if only. The Pirates are not going to keep up with the Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees Etc. The numbers you posted are headlined with a big “because MLB is closed we cannot be certain on figure” but you want to tout them as facts. Not all numbers are fact.

                    • I don’t want them to keep up with the Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees. On any other site than this one 90% think the Pirates could have done more. When I go the MLB Pirate site, They consider me to be too optimistic. This is the only Pirate site I see where if you don’t totally love the FO you are a traitor. It’s pretty sad, when people think they have to agree with 100% of everything the Pirates do. Tim does make some good kool-aid here though.

                  • *applause*

              • the article looks at it differently. it looks at salary as a percentage of revenue. It’s their money and I don’t have a vote. When their revenue is middle of the road. I just don’t buy the issue they don’t have more money to work with.

              • These are just facts. They do sway my thinking. If they don’t impact the way you think than it’s more of a faith based approach you have with the Pirates.

                • If you want to fight with someone, try those up thread.

                  • Try to read the article.

                    • I did, actually i read it in early January when it first was published and we had this argument.

                      I read it again today, and then posted about how this argument already happened and those wanting to act like its new information are wasting time.

                      This is old information and we discussed it a crap load when it first came out. No need to get out the knives and pitchforks for this one, its wasted energy.

                    • Different handle
                      April 4, 2016 4:00 pm

                      Point goes to Luke S

                    • The discussion came up of salary today so this article goes with the discussion. Sorry I missed the last one.

              • Oh, I most certainly agree with you there…

              • well said Luke…..complaining on one side and justifying on the other is pointless. We all do it, but It is what it is, lets all move on and enjoy the season.

                • 1-0 ladies and fellas, 162-0 is upon us.

                • This article went with the topic. Luke has an issue with it because I don’t worship everything the front office does even though I think the do pretty good job. I think I take a reasonable approach.

                  • I have an issue with it because we do it every 2 months without any new information. Its beating our heads against the wall with some trying to manufacture drama.

                    No insults. No anger. No sides. Its just an annoying topic at this point, from all sides. Everyone’s dumb, ELE.

                    • It went with the topic of salary. It is the first time I saw the article. I was not part of the conversation 2 months ago and was not trying to create drama. Most of my comments were positive of the Pirate approach. You just don’t like the information. Even the article’s conclusion draws a positive conclusion of how the front office manages the finances.

                    • No need to apologize, its no skin off my nose at all.

                      You just want the fight. My issue here isnt with the information at all.

                    • You started the fight over it. It was the first time I saw the article so I posted it since it was relevant to the topic at hand. It seems to make a case for why the Pirates are doing a good job even though they spend less as a % of revenue.

                    • So cancel your subscription and join the DK bunch
                      U sure post a lot with little or no value added that I have seen…

              • Bridgevillebuck
                April 5, 2016 6:32 am

                You don’t think every relevant article is begging for arguments to be had?

                • I think most articles contain new/different information than what we already had.

                  This article literally just updated our payroll to start this year and still gets people to go into a full comment about how we dont spend enough. 0 new info, same talking points on both sides.

            • Cubs outspending them by 60M. just sayin

            • Telling other people how to spend their money, America’s new past time.

            • 98 wins last year and three straight playoffs proves they’re wiser than their competitors.

        • Technically they did sign a free agent starting pitcher… I believe they truly looked at the value they would get at the risk of blocking JT and TG and it wasn’t worth it, so they signed a couple 4/5 starter potentials and will ride the team through mid-summer. If I had a choice to buy the exact same end- product (WAR, or wins, etc) at at cheaper price: I would every time.

          • I don’t really think that fits Huntington’s narrative about the starting pitching market “blowing up”.

            • Different handle
              April 4, 2016 3:59 pm

              Right, since your a baseball ops guy, your word is GOL …… DEN!

              Listen dude, at this point , what difference does it make?

              We know by yesterday’s game that the Card’s are relegated to 3rd place. The Bucs will be fighting it out with the Cubs, unless Zobrist goes down and all bets are off.

              • Never count out STL.

                Devil magic knows no bounds.

                • Different handle
                  April 4, 2016 4:09 pm

                  You got that right. I was just reiterating what NMR observations were, regarding St Louis and the rest of the season , based off one game

              • Internet troll doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

                I, for one, am shocked.

              • Or Arrieta or Lester. Then ALL bets will definitely be off …..unless they can somehow con Beane out of Sonny Gray.

                • Different handle
                  April 4, 2016 10:17 pm

                  I know that NMR had a man crush on Zobrist. That’s why I used his name

          • It really isn’t hard to figure that out for some folks is it ? But for a few others here it seems to be rocket science.

        • Get real NMR. Who the hell did you recommend ? One of the perpetually over paid walking wounded ? Who the hell besides the Mets can’t use a competent, healthy starter ?

          • Who did I recommend? How about Mat Latos? Too big for your britches?

            • Eric Marshall
              April 5, 2016 9:26 am

              Come on NMR. Who wanted Latos… must be more to the story. Also, do you have any thoughts on the commentary of the team being so open, friendly, inviting and professional? Do you really think Latos would have fit in on top of knowing the plan was to bring up two stud pitchers mid season? Not really a place for a malcontent to show he deserves his next big contract…

              Outside of the personal and not fit departments… i would have certainly chosen Latos over Vogelsong.

        • The Pirates rightfully did not block Glasnow and Taillon from moving into rotation this summer by committing both dollars and years to a FA SP.

          They’re rolling dice w Locke, Nicasio, and Vogie. You may think it’s woefully inadequate, and you may be right, but until they actually pitch in meaningful games, we won’t know.

          • Could have had a rotation of Cole – Liriano – Volquez – Happ – Locke – for this year – and Cole, x, y and Happ and Locke for next year For about the same payroll they are committed to.

            And could have had Park at first base – WAR will be at least twice what they get from Jasso…

            • Could have Martin as well.

              Since we are just word vomiting and making it up now. Martin would be a sure thing 7 WAR.

              • No problem letting Martin go – it isn’t “word vomitting” – it is real…
                EV would have probably taken a bit less than his 2/$20M to stay with his good friend Frankie – and work with Searage. Happ was never considered – or offered – but he would have cost slightly more than Niese – who we all seem to love and saved the need to sign Voglesong for his $2-$5M deal. And they could have traded Walker for prospects or another reliever….

                The Pirates CHOSE to go a different way – that is obviously their prerogative. Not sure why you feel free to troll a different opinion supported with facts.

                • You saying sentences dont make the things in those sentences facts.

                  I apologize for being the person to alert you to that. Having a bold opinion is fine, but you say it ad nauseam and then act like its facts.

                  Great thing about facts are you have to actually prove a statement before its a fact. Like proving PGH never offered Happ any deal, or proving that EV would take that to stay, or any of the assertions you pass as fact.

                  Im not trolling, im tired of “we should have signed all these guys and won 105 games” from the guy who rails against those guys when we first sign them.

            • Scott Kliesen
              April 5, 2016 7:11 am

              If only BN had hired you instead of NH…

      • I think they could have done better than Vogelsong. That’s what makes me laugh. I just showed some numbers, you can draw your own conclusion Leo.

        • I’m pretty sure everyone thought they could do better than Vogelsong, it is what it is. I’ll root for who’s on the roster and not get caught up in the coulda shoulda woulda. Go Bucs!!

      • Bridgevillebuck
        April 5, 2016 6:28 am

        I don’t think Pie Rat’s intention was for a top flight free agent. More like a solid 2-3 starter in the 8-10 million range. The question is do they exist…

    • Your first chart has MLB teams spending 48.9% of revenue on payroll. The later line graph has that number is flat over several years at 40%. Did teams increase revenue/payroll by 25% in two years?