First Pitch: The Pirates Prospects App is Coming This Week

I’m working on two things today.  The Pirates Prospects app is almost ready to be released on Android and I’ve been testing it out today to make sure it’s ready.  The app could be submitted as early as tomorrow and should arrive on the Play Store for download by the end of this week.  The Apple version will follow that shortly although it could take a bit more time, as Apple’s submission process takes a bit longer.  The second thing I’m working on is a 100 degree fever thanks to my girlfriend’s preschool class, so there will be no article this evening, although you can check out the articles we had earlier today on the prospect rankings.  We continued the top prospect countdown with our number five prospect Alen Hanson.  John Dreker also had some updates on players who just missed the top 100 rankings.

Feel free to use this thread as general discussion tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll have some content up beyond the top prospect countdown.  Or, even better, maybe we’ll have a further update on the app release.

Thanks to my girlfriend for typing this out while I lie in bed, whining like a little child.

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I hope you get well soon. I will be interested in hearing your take on the Biddle trade


Tim, feel better.

Hey fellas, I’m going to be playing fantasy baseball for the first time this season. 5×5 roto. Any good suggestions for sites to help me get a good rankings list.

Lets Go Bucs!


Tim, you’re given a pass this time but I was not a happy prospector when I could not read the first pitch on my 6:30am bus ride this morning.


Hey Tim!

All this talk of fever sent me over to the kitchen for some Chicken Noodle Soup.

You wanna know what goes awesome in Chicken Noodle Soup? Keebler Town House Pretzel Thins with Sea Salt. (I had nothing else and tried them…) Spectacular. The little buggers are super thin and really hard out of the box, so they don’t get too soggy in the soup… Adds salt too. Yummy.

To Your Health!



I was coaching 4 year old soccer players about a year ago. Paint-n-Play for soccer, you know? Fun. And I swear the little bastards got me sick for well over 4 months STRAIGHT. Whatever bugs those little people are carrying around could be used against ISIS. Not even joking. I couldn’t get over whatever germ cocktail those little booger-faces had no matter what I did.

Now, the experienced grade school teachers among the parents – whose immune systems must be like an Abrams M1-A1 – just laughed and laughed and laughed at me. They’d say snarky things like, “Next year, you’ll do better or even be immune!”

See, Tim’s down with the sickness but his girlfriend is running around happy and healthy as any Typhoid Mary could be.

Kids with snotty noses.
Utterly terrifying.



Can your girlfriend guest blog a First Pitch on how Arthur and I should get along once baseball season starts? She sounds qualified.


Get well quickly Tim. As noted before, I am anxiously awaiting the IPad app.

Blaine Huff

It will be made available to you approximately one week after every other member of the site has downloaded and installed it.


A good time to re-issue the “Things to do in Bradenton during ST” thread – get well.


Or, like me, you could just bookmark it? 🙂 🙂 🙂


I did bookmark it, but I have not attended ST since 2014, which was the first time ever. This year the Starwood Group (Sheraton) is stepping up so I plan to be there in early March. This retirement gig has some strong perks.

John Dreker

There will be an updated version for 2016


As you’re sick, I recommend binge watching either Fargo or The Americans if you haven’t already seen them. Also Jessica Jones is quite good.


Fargo was awesome!


Yes it was. I watched all 3 seasons of The Newsroom in December and that was excellent as well.


I’m due for Keri Russell to get me through these cold winter months.


It sounds like Tim will be on the 15 day DL, and if he is better by then, that will be followed by 30 days or so of rehab writing for some inferior baseball sites. The hope is that he will be back well before opening day and be as sharp as ever. Rumor has it however that all of this is the fault of the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club.

Jason F

Thanks tim’s girlfriend.


I know the feeling, Tim….My kiddos brought home the flu for me a couple weekends ago. Hit my hard, felt like it took a week to recover.

Anyhow, get well, man.


I’ve been getting flu shots since ’85. I haven’t had the flu in 30 years now.

I HIGHLY recommend them.

Joe S

Listening on XM MLB radio and reading Dave Stewart comments concerning the recent D’Back-Brewer trade, he mentioned they have a deal for a closer available but have not pulled the trigger. Makes me think that Melancon may be in play. Question. Would you do Melancon and $5MM for Archie Bradley? I know Bradley has disappointed the last couple of years. What would be a match if that is not?


If Bradley is healthy, I’d do that trade in a heart beat.


Bradley is their No. 1 Prospect, but would their No. 2, Braden Shipley, be a better option? And, instead of cash, how about their No. 7, LHSP Cody Reed, signed for $1 mil out of HS in 2014, and away from a scholarship to Vanderbilt.


I know it doesn’t actually always work like this, but it’ll be a missed opportunity if the Pirates do not exploit a Front Office that’s so obviously in over it’s head. Christ, the Braves have pulled more talent from the D’Backs alone than Huntington got through the Pirates entire own rebuilding process.


IF we do that we might be handing the Diamondbacks our WC spot.

Bill W

I hope not. Melancon needs to be in this bullpen.


I would rather they got multiple lower-tier prospects, although their system is kinda thin. It would be nice if the deal also included clearing a 40-man slot for a FA SP. But the deal you propose would simply fill that slot with Bradley, so I would be OK with that.

Arik Florimonte

Did you tell her to write the last line, or was that her idea 😛

Get well, Tim.


Sorry but it would have been waaaay funnier if you hadn’t.


Haha . . . that was exactly the thought I had as well. So Tim?

Steve Zielinski

Perhaps, an app for Windows phone….

Get well!

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