Tyler Glasnow Named Among Top Right-Handed Pitching Prospects

On MLB Pipeline on Tuesday afternoon, they began their rankings of the top ten prospects at each position. They will end with their top 100 prospects list next Friday night, which will be unveiled on MLB Network. Today was the top right-handed pitchers and it should be no surprise that Tyler Glasnow finished near the top, coming in second behind Lucas Giolito from the Nationals.

Jameson Taillon didn’t get ranked in the top ten or honorable mentions despite being the 11th best RHP in MLB Pipeline’s last update. That’s not a big surprise due to his missed time. Glasnow got praise for his ability to keep hitters from squaring up the ball due to the life/downhill action on his mid-90’s fastball. They see him eventually slotting behind Gerrit Cole as the Pirates’ #2 starter. Glasnow was rated #3 last year behind Giolito and Noah Sydergaard, who lost his prospect status.

We had a feature on Glasnow last week from mini-camp, where he discussed his off-season workout, the extra work he got in the Fall Instructional League and what he is doing to improve in the upcoming season. If all goes well, he will join the Pirates’ rotation in early June, but he needs to work on some command issues, improve his change-up and do a better job of holding runners. He showed improvements in all three categories last year, though the work with holding runners has been a slower process.

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Glasnow put your work in on the holding runners but just do what you do and holding guys on wont be real important…because no one will be on base. There have been so many aces that don’t hold runners well. Sure, you want to be as good as you can be at every little facet, but runners moving up isn’t as big of a deal if you are k’ing more than one per and no one can get the ball on the air off you.


Holding runners can be accomplished in so many ways, and it would be improper to expect him to change his whole delivery. But, just incorporate a few step offs, slide steps, etc. so that they have to think just a little rather than allowing them to go on first movement every time.

Watching the delivery of Giolito on MLB, he looks like he has incorporated a slide step into his delivery.


Glasnow and Taillon are 1- 2 as SP Prospects with a few or more right behind them. To truly appreciate the benefits of a strong developmental system, the Pirates going into 2016 have MLB-type quality prospects in the upper levels (AA/AAA) of the minors at the following positions:

2 – 1B
2 – 2B
3+ – OF
2 – C
4++ – SP’s

There is a lot of Cub love going around, but the area where the Pirates Prospects are much better than the Cubs is where we have the most prospects – Starting Pitchers. Without the Labrum Tear to Cole Tucker, I would have included him at SS because of the level of his play at Lo A as an 18 year old. Depending upon his rehab that might become a position of concern if a trade is forthcoming before or during 2016.


I check out Tucker’s Twitter page occasionally and he looks like he is progressing nicely. The big question is if all the arm strength comes back.

Mallorie D

I agree completely. Not enough credit has been given to the amount of talent that is now moving to the upper levels of the Pirates system right now. Just quickly counting how many guys the Cubs brought up within the last year+, I count:

CJ Edwards (sort of)

Its an impressive list, especially Bryant being who he was/is…that said as you noted, they dont have as many pitching prospects…they have a couple, but not nearly the depth and quality as the Pirates do. They took a different approach, draft bats and sign pitchers in FA. Its working so far, so you cant criticize it, but I like the balance of the Pirates prospect list. They have pitching and some good bats. Theres variety and depth at nearly every position. I do think SS is a weak spot for them in the majors (I’m not much of a Jordy Mercer fan) and much of what they have in the minors is at lower levels to this point. Between Tucker and Newman, I like Newman a bit more. I like Newman’s bat better. We’ll see how he develops.


The Cubs have Bryant as the 2nd overall pick in 2013, Schwarber as the 4th overall pick in 2014, and Oakland handed them Addison Russell who was the 11th overall pick in 2012. They will start getting less because they will be drafting with the Pirates and Cardinals now.

Newman can hit, but Tucker is 3 years younger and I think had the better season. But, Newman will be moving ahead of a rehabbing Tucker, and I hope they move him to Hi A to start 2016.


Albert Almora is a top prospect, but they have no place to play him. If I’m not mistaken, their top pitching prospect might be in A -.


Almora makes Randall Simon look patient at the plate. Man, does he hack. I don’t think he will be a great player. Maybe a 4th of type. He did show more patience and he works as hard as mike trout so regardless if he’s a star he will be a good guy to have around.

Joseph Rand

I think he’s made the most of his recovery time and will surprise some people.


Taillon missed time and isn’t the flavor of the month right now but to me he is still a top starting pitching prospect. It seems everyone is concerned with what have you done for me lately. But in reality it is being developed and prepared to perform at a high level in the big leagues


Taillon has more to prove at this point considering he practically missed two whole years of facing live hitters. But once he adjusts to playing live ball again, he has less concerns than Glasnow as Taillon’s secondary pitches and ability to mix pitches through an at-bat and multiple times through a lineup are more advanced than Glasnow, which is perfectly fine, Glasnow is still very young. I seriously doubt a Gerrit Cole extension will happen, barring unforeseen circumstances, but I’d love to see a Cole, Glasnow, Taillon led rotation for 2017-2021.


Yeah, I definitely think Taillon has the higher floor than Glasnow.

Mallorie D

Possibly, but it all depends on how Taillon rebounds from his injury. I think Glasnow’s natural physical abilities and stuff has greater upside, even if not everything else may be there yet. Fortunately along with Searage and others, they seem to have some good people who can help reign in pitchers command and fix other delivery issues. Being 6’8, throwing downhill and having a 97 mph fastball arent really things that can be taught though. That’s why I like Glasnow’s upside a bit more.


I know I wouldn’t take any other teams 1-2 over the Pirates I wouldn’t take anyone’s top 10 I don’t think

Joseph Rand

I think he’s made the most of his recovery time and will surprise people.


I wouldn’t be surprised if taillon and Glasnow win 15 games in the majors this year. They probably won’t but if they are healthy and continue to progress they could.


Taillon has better control and a better mix than Glasnow, Glasnow has the overpowering strike out stuff, let’s hope that both pan out

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