Pirates Made a Two-Year Offer to Antonio Bastardo

The Pittsburgh Pirates were in on the bidding for free agent lefty reliever Antonio Bastardo according to Robert Murray, offering him a two-year contract valued at $8M. However, Jon Heyman broke the news on Wednesday night that the New York Mets are signing Bastardo for $12M over two years.

That shows that the Pirates are still in the market for a lefty reliever, as the current bullpen looks to only have one lefty in Tony Watson. It also shows that they are willing to spend to sign one, though with Bastardo gone, they may choose to go the trade route to acquire a second lefty, as the market for free agent lefties is quite thin now.

The current options for the second lefty includes Kyle Lobstein on the 40-man roster and Robert Zarate, Jim Fuller and Kelvin Marte as non-roster invitees to Spring Training. None of those three NRI players have any Major League experience, and Lobstein has struggled as a starter in his brief big league experience, posting a high BAA and low strikeout rate. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Pirates add a lefty arm before Spring Training next month.

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David N

Who are these “league sources” and why are they commenting to some scribbler from Sheboygan on The Pirates negotiations with one of their soon to be former players? If I were Frank Coonelly (sp?) I would call the League office and politely remind whoever is in charge there that they have no business commenting on matters such as these.


Fister is not an option in LLOYD’s opinion. Not with an 86 MPH heater and not with his 2 yr and $22M ask? Even one year and $8M, NOOOOO THANKS!!!

As for Rollins………better bench option than Pedro Florimon and many of the other candidates. LLOYD thinks that he’d either push Jordy to take his game to a new level or take his job. He can play SS a little, he can hit from both sides of the plate a little and he can run a little. Plus the word on the street is that he’s a great clubhouse guy.

1. Stewey
2. Rollins (S)
3. Morse
4. Rodgers
5. SRod



In the spirit of out of the box bench players, how about Juan Uribe? I would even welcome him as a starter at third (solid bat and defense) and push Kang to short if he can handle it defensively. I like Mercer more than most, but i like him even better as the bench option that can play short.

George B

LLOYD should not talk in the 3rd person.


LLOYD’s focus these days is still to add a #3 such as Latos and move LLOCKE or Vogs to the pen as the last man there. Actually think LLOCKE is a solid #5 but would dominate in the pen.

How about this thought though if there is in fact any dough left in the coffers……..why not James Rollins? Hmmmmmmm………just trowin it out there.



Rollins to do what exactly? he can’t play short at all anymore and can’t hit. I’m with you on Latos or Fister still 100%. I’ll be very upset if they don’t get one of those guys or make a reasonable trade for someone at least slightly better than Niese


Stupid is stupid does. It’s always about the money, the Pirates resurrect scrap players and they ditch for “greener” pastures and guess what, they play like crap once they leave. Can’t wait for the knocks off of Bastardo.

Blaine Huff

Bastardo resurrected by the Pirates?

In his two seasons before joining the team he posted:

ERA: 3.29
FIP: 3.06
K/9: 10.8

His numbers with the Pirates were, pretty much, right in line with that.

Bill W

That’s a crazy number for Antonio. I didn’t think he could command that kind of money.


Relief market is the only one, year in and year out that surprises me anymore. The zach duke deal a few years ago is an alltimer.

But Citi field is a good place to pitch so might not be that bad.


I noticed that Mike Minor and Corey Luebke are still unemployed – former first round picks and very promising LH starting pitchers – who have had major arm injuries over the past couple of years. Does anyone know if either of them is healthy and ready to pitch again? Do you think either would be worth a 1-2 year deal to see if they can regain their previous form, even if its as a LH out of the bullpen?


Minor is a guy I really like. Better than Vogelsong at least. Think he’s another injury risk, and in fairness to them, they’ve already stacked a few, so maybe they had enough.

IC Bob

Minor has had major shoulder issues and he wants a big contract and would like to start. Historically Shoulders tend to take longer to heal I would not want. Cory Lubeke hasn’t pitched in three years. I liked him when he was pitching but I think he still needs time to heal. Looks to me like Lobstein is our guy.


You know who else had should issues? Jon Niese Williams.




Didn’t he pitch unsuccesfully in AAA last year or am i thinking of someone else


Been hurt and dreadful for two years. But was really good in ’13. Only 28.

Surprised he’s still available. Maybe a physical/xrays are an issue.

Blaine Huff

Checked BBR…according to it, Minor didn’t pitch last season.


Thanks Blaine, sorry about being too lazy to check it out myself


Neal Cotts would likely be cheaper than Bastardo, and would not be a horrible Plan B…he has been a pretty decent reliever for a number of years….


What would it take to pry Brian Matusz off of the Orioles? Their OF is thin….and they could use a starting pitcher…I’m sure they don’t want Morse – who does?
Doesn’t look like we have anything that we could give up, and that could help their major league team now.


We would have been insane to offer $12m for 2 years to Bastardo….I am glad the Pirates did not do that. Bastardo finished pretty strong last year, but it did not erase his very up and down performance. His control is erratic and he gives up the long ball quite frequently. We can do better…although it may cost some money or we may have to make a trade.

Blaine Huff

How about that…he got Sipp money after all…didn’t think he would, kinda figured him for 2/9 or 3/13ish. Good for him, sucks for the Pirates.

The NYM are starting to get scarily stacked…seems they’re pretty solid everywhere except for that huge glaring hole at 2nd base…

(That ^^^ is what’s known as NMR bait). 🙂


Pitching wise, they are stacked – and no one has a better rotation. Which is why I think they will repeat in the NL East.
But, they did not really start clicking until they got Cespedes in the trade, and Wright came back from injury. They lost a lot of offense in Cespedes.

Blaine Huff

The East is a two-team division…and one happens to be the always underperforming Nats. With that pitching and pretty solid hitting at every position…gotta think the Mets are the favorite.

Yeah, Cespedes was huge for them last season…but now they get a full year from that rotation…that, plus Conforto, I think, makes up for the loss.


Plus a healthy Wheeler is a big upgrade over Niese

Blaine Huff

I agree. I’d say the Pirates top-2 is better. #3 , I give to the Mets…#4? Not even close. Fifth starter? Meh…no idea. I love Colon, but the annals of baseball history are filled with guys who played one year too many.

Overall all, the Mets have a better rotation…and the Pirates’ most likely chance of surpassing that is with the injection of new blood. Unfortunately, the best route Taillon and Glasnow have to play (when the Pirates hope to compete) is if Locke and RV are horrifically tanking…and, if you’re 4/5 starters are tanking…you’re probably not competing.


Infield defense is bad.


LH relief is the focus and the Pirates are putting the money into the bullpen. It’s not a shock that Plan A was resigning Bastardo. Plan B will be within the next couple days when they make a trade.

dr dng

With Loche’s difficulty after he goes through a line-up
more than twice indicates to me he might be more
effective in shorter roles.


If his control was better, I’d agree with you – and say give him a shot at that role.

John W

Locke doesn’t have great numbers vs lefties iirc.


At this point Manny Parra makes sense.

Matthew D

or you could sign a starting pitcher and just put locke there

Joshua K

I don’t think Locke profiles well as a reliever. Typically the relief move helps pitchers add velocity going from mid 90s to high 90’s limiting the exposure if they don’t have plus stuff. With Locke he will never be a high 90’s wipe out stuff reliever. At best long relief would work, like Blanton last season but even there I don’t see much upside. He is way more valuable as a 5th starter as he has been producing at slightly above league average in that role. We soon forget that Locke’s stats would have made him a top of the rotation guy in Pittsburgh just a few years ago.


I am certainly glad we didn’t pay that much for him. Even 8M was overpriced.


LJS: I am surprised we offered Bastardo that much (2/$8 mil), and happy he found someone willing to pay more.


That my friend is our current market. Even though they made an attempt, 4 mil a year for him is a bargain for what teams are paying esp rare southpaws in this year’s market. Take it or leave it!

Aaron D

Matt Thornton




Thornton doesn’t face righties. Don’t like him

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