Pirates Avoid Arbitration With Jeff Locke

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Jeff Locke have agreed on a $3.025M salary for 2016 according to Ken Rosenthal, thus avoiding arbitration. Locke was projected to receive $3.5M this year, so the Pirates got him for almost $500K less than the estimated cost. Locke made 30 starts in 2015 and had a 4.49 ERA, 1.42 WHIP, with 129 strikeouts in 168.1 innings.

Earlier in the day, the Pirates and Chris Stewart agreed on a two-year deal which avoided arbitration and covered the first year of free agency. It also included a team option for 2018.

The Pirates had a total of seven players file for arbitration yesterday. That leaves Francisco Cervelli, Mark Melancon, Tony Watson, Jared Hughes and Jordy Mercer without agreements at this time. Like many clubs have started doing recently, the Pirates are a “file and trial” club, which means if they don’t come to an agreement by tomorrow’s deadline, then they will go to arbitration with the player(s).

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Brian Bernard

Another player that I think would look good long term is Cervelli. Regardless how Diaz plays signing Cervelli is a good move – catching is very valuable in the trade market too so if Diaz blows up (in a good way) you have three guys to choose from to move. Good chance to get a comp pick for him as well if he continues to play as well as he did last year.

Bill W

The PBC is not going to spend the money to extend him.

Brian Bernard

I’d love to see a team friendly extension follow this with Jeff. I’ve noted several times his comp to Chen. He would be a great fit with this team in many ways, and he would also be quite valuable as a trade chip with a friendly contract.
Go look up what starting pitching is going for, then look up lefties that throw 94mph. And for once we have a starting pitcher who has a few years under his belt, which I think will pay off for us or someone else. Ted Lilly did it for years… Jeff is really underappreciated in this town IMO.

Bill W

Hey the guy is a lefty! I like him and would bet anyone a case of beer about what he contributes this year!


Careful, those bets don’t go forgotten around here…


He just seems to me like one of those guys where eventually its gonna click and he will put it all together for a complete season. There are times where is just so good, and that gets over shadowed by the times where he is so bad. I have no preconceived notion that he will ever be a number 1, but I do think if he can start putting it all together and pitch a complete season he can be a decent number 3.


The good news is that he may only have to start for half the year.

Scott K

Makes sense, he’s a $6mm SP half the year and AAA depth option the other half. $3mm seems fair.

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