The Pittsburgh Pirates announced several changes among their baseball operations on Wednesday morning. The most notable change is that Dave Jauss has been named the bench coach for 2016. He has been on the coaching staff since October 31, 2012 and he’s currently in his 29th season in pro ball. He began his career as a manager in the Gulf Coast League in 1988 for the Montreal Expos. On top of the pro experience, he also spent six years managing in college baseball. The Pirates went without an official bench coach last year after Jeff Banister left.

Other changes include Kevan Graves being promoted from Director of Baseball Operations to Assistant General Manager. He was originally promoted to Assistant Director of Baseball Operations back in 2009, receiving the promotion to Director in 2011.

Will Lawton takes over as Assistant Direction of Baseball Operations, adding the Director part to his job title. He originally started with the Pirates out of college in 2010 on an internship.

Sean Kelly is now a Baseball Operations Assistant, taking over Lawton’s old job. Kelly’s job title before was “Fellow”, which Baseball Prospectus explained in detail here, though his specific jobs with the Pirates in 2015 may have differed slightly.

One non-change was also announced, as Brad Fischer returns as Major League Coach.

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  1. They have now an assistant to the director of baseball operations so I wonder who is the new Director of Baseball operations since Mr. Graves was permoted?

        • That’s something that you might see from Tim during Spring Training when everyone is together and it’s easier to go back and forth talking to all the different pitching coaches and coordinators in one spot. We were discussing an article earlier today focusing on the pitching methods for the Pirates, though it’s a little more specific than what you’re probably looking for. Still an interesting topic you’ll see soon.

            • I’m not even sure if they would announce that if they did. I couldn’t believe the old groundskeeper getting DFA’d was a story to begin with, though obviously just a couple people mentioned it.

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