Travis Ishikawa Activated From Disabled List

The Pittsburgh Pirates have activated 1B/OF Travis Ishikawa from the disabled list for Monday’s game in Cincinnati. He has spent the last two days playing for Indianapolis on a rehab assignment, while recovering from a lower back strain that landed him on the disabled list last month. Ishikawa had two doubles as the DH on Saturday, then played six innings on Sunday at first base.

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IC Bob

Off subject a bit and I am a fan of Hurdle but you can’t put this lineup out when you are trying to win the division. I am not a fan of Locke but he doesn’t deserve Rodriquez at short when you have Kang who can play there and Harrison who can play 3rd (neither of which started last night). We are getting exactly what one would expect when you throw out an inferior line up.

Christopher N

I am getting so confused by these lineup’s. It seems as though Hurdle doesn’t realize he’s in a pennant race. Starting Rodriguez at short today when he’s played there very little this season was irresponsible. He needs to quit trying to keep everyone happy and start fielding the best team he has available. If that means Locke Harrison and Mercer ride the pine the last 3 weeks, then so be it. You can look at the lineup card and know right away what’s going to happen.

michael t

It is a shame when a team goes into a game handicapped by its own manager… was was done Saturday and today. Weak hitters hurt not just their spot in the lineup, but everybody else. Rodriquez at short? That downgrades the whole infield.


Hurdle realizes he is in a penny race…just doesn’t have a damn clue what to do about it.


Now with Ishikawa off the DL as the 2nd LHB off the bench, I would expect Decker DFA’d so the Pirates could add Worley.


Or they can place Holdzkolm on the 60 day and keep Decker.


It should be interesting to see who makes the bench for the playoffs. Fifteen position players with decent resumes for 13 available spots. Some good potential contributors are going to be left off the playoff roster.


Prob 14 pos players & 11 pitchers on the post season roster ??


You know, with A.J. on his way back off of the DL, and with Happ pitching like he is, I am beginning to think that Mr. Worley will not get a call back up. Thoughts?


Jeff Locke won’t be a starter down the stretch.


Except that he is…


Today will tell what happens with Locke. Another bad performance, and Robin goes into the pen would be my guess. A good game, and he gets to go again, especially at PNC where lefties have the advantage.

Bill W

I think it depends on Locke today and what AJ looks like in his return. Worley I think is in the same doghouse Tabata was in


I think it’s a bit of a sad situation with Worley. He won the battle but lost the war when he beat the Pirates in arbitration. I think Neil remembers that. The Pirates chose Locke over Worley in the Spring, which I think was a mistake. At least their lines (with Worley pitching in sub-optimal circumstances for him) for 2015 indicate that Worley has been the slightly better pitcher of the two. Not that the Pirates should want to keep either as a starter going forward, they need to upgrade that 5th spot in the rotation with some of the youth coming up from the minors. There are rumors that Worley hasn’t taken his demotion well. If they are true, it doesn’t reflect well on him, but his frustration is understandable. When a player is set aside in favor of someone with lesser talent/performance he gets ticked. That’s been true of every player/sport in the history of sports.

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