Two Pirates Make Baseball America’s Top 50 Prospects

Yesterday, we took a look at the new prospect rankings from Baseball Prospectus, which had five Pittsburgh Pirates’ players in the top 50. That includes Jameson Taillon, who they left off the list due to injury, but noted he would have been in the top twenty. Baseball America has released their new list today and they have two Pirates, Tyler Glasnow and Josh Bell.

Glasnow ranks #7 on the new list, moving that high because so many players from their top 20 have graduated to the majors already. You have to go all the way down to #45 for Bell, who they say has shown power and the ability to hit for average, just not at the same time. The also listed Taillon among the injured prospects in this article(subscription required), which presumably cost him his spot in the top 50. The recent abdominal injury kept him off the Baseball Prospectus list and likely did the same for BA.

The preseason top 100 from BA had Glasnow #17, Taillon #30, Austin Meadows #42, Bell #65 and Reese McGuire #98. Those are the five that made the Baseball Prospectus list, just in a different order. With so many players graduating to the majors ahead of him, it’s a little hard to believe Austin Meadows didn’t make the updated BA list. To be left off the new list, he had to drop at least 23 spots(they noted 14 of the top 20 graduated) and that is with him hitting .288/.357/.384 as one of the youngest players in a league not known for offense.

I personally have the same five ranked as the top prospects in the system, with Alen Hanson not far off that fifth spot. I can’t say how many Pirates should be among the top 50 prospects now because I don’t know enough about the other players on the list, but for just the Pirates’ system, I would have them ranked Glasnow, Meadows, Taillon, Bell, McGuire and Hanson at this point.

  • John with the recent spat of injuries plaguing the bucks do you think if we lose another infielder that Hanson is the next man up or they look elsewhere?

    • John Dreker
      July 7, 2015 3:56 pm

      Well I think he should be able to handle playing full-time, but I’m not sure he would be next.. He just returned from an injury, so ideally, the next week or so wouldn’t be a good time to call him up, but after the All-Star break they might be fine with it and the later you get in the season, the more likely it would be him.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    July 7, 2015 12:29 pm

    Its unfortunate, but I think we have a number of prospects who have stagnated – either due to injury (Taillon is an example) or due to being blocked and/or lack of opportunity (Sanchez) or both (Lambo).

    Even though we supposedly have such a strong farm system, there hasn’t been much of an influx of prospects onto the Pirates major league roster. Other the past 2-3 years, we added Cole and Polanco. Did I miss anyone else? Kang was an International signing, Caminero, Worley, Cervelli, and Bastardo came by way of trades or waiver signings.

    I am not concerned about this year, but starting in 2016 we need to create opportunities and slots for guys like Hansen, Kingham, Taillon, and Bell – or we risk doing the same thing to them.

    • Opportunity?! You must be kidding.

      Neil Huntington has been forced to acquire two starting catchers and a backup because Tony Sanchez has taken so damn long, and still isn’t anywhere close to becoming a Major League catcher and Andrew Lambo has quite literally been handed an ML job two seasons in a row.

    • Yeah, you forgot Marte…I also wouldn’t say Lambo or Tony have been “blocked” pretty sure the have been given an opp and showed us they are nothing more than AAAA players. Hanson is the only one that is currently being blocked. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Hanson has a better career than Josh.

  • I goes to show the depth the pirates have with all the injuries and still have players ranked. Also let’s not forget these are the same folks who thought cole tucker was a streach as a first rounder while the teams themselves had him much higher.