Clay Holmes Will Start Friday For Bradenton

After making three rehab starts in the Gulf Coast League, Clay Holmes is ready to pitch for the Bradenton Marauders. Holmes had Tommy John surgery last March, which cost him the entire 2014 season. He was originally scheduled to go to Bradenton last year. He will make his debut with the team on Friday in Daytona.

Holmes had a terrific outing in his last GCL appearance on Saturday. He threw five shutout innings, giving up three hits, no walks and he recorded four strikeouts. He went 4.2 in his previous outing, allowing one run on six hits and a walk. In his debut back on June 23rd, Holmes went 3.2 innings, surrendering two runs.

The 22-year-old righty is still at a good level for his age, and if he can show enough this year, then he should be able to move up to Altoona for next season. His goal the rest of this year will be to just build up his innings. He was pitching in Extended Spring Training, throwing his first inning back on May 13th in a simulated game, then working his way up to be able to pitch in a regular game(his GCL debut). He was throwing 92-95 MPH in an EST start on June 2nd. So his final inning total this year won’t be that high on paper, but if all goes well, then he will be able to pitch a full season next year as a starter.

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kenneth s

I live in Daytona. I plan on being at all 4 games in the first couple rows of seats.
I’ll try to get video of Holmes.

Scott K

There’s also the AFL to consider if he needs to throw more innings against quality opposition.


Great news…good for Holmes and Bradenton, which desperately needs some pitching….lets hope he stays healthy and can pitch well this second half of the season – maybe even get a late promotion to Altoona?


What so many commentators (don’t we all wish we were General Managers!), have pointed out is that the injury bug has really hit the farm system this year. Absolutely true. Tim wrote a great piece on that a few days back. But what not many are counting on is that if the players, and especially the pitchers, come back as we have reasonably hoped, we’re going to be stocked.

Just imagine next year’s starting staff at Indy. Barring unforeseen circumstances, and not counting for arms being brought up or traded, it could be Nick Kingham, Jameson Taillon, Tyler Glasnow, Angel Sanchez, Adrian Sampson, Brandon Cumpton, and maybe Stephen Brault. If Sanchez keeps up his progress toward being a prospect, that would be 6-7 pitchers who were worthy of being considered on a major league roster. Clearly, the Bucs can’t take them all, but that just gives Huntington more goodies to play around with for trades.

We’re not seeing the same phenomenon in the regular players, though it does occur, and causes logjams that we’ve already seen this site report. I admit I want a World Series berth so bad I can taste it, but you gotta be excited about the depth of talent that has been stockpiled – even when injuries occur.


This “problem” will probably fix itself. Kingham and Cumpton would hopefully get back to AAA by maybe June or July next year. Glasnow and Taillon could head to the majors by then depending on health and innings pitched (and need). At that point you promote Brault? This stuff tends to work itself out but it would appear that the Pirates could have either top pitching prospects pitching in AAA or solid spot starters. Pretty much no organization filler.

Brian Bernard

Is this kid’s upside like Cumpton or Morton or Burnett?


I think he has more upside than Morton or Cumpton, but not as much upside as Burnett when he was just starting with the Marlins. I think, if healthy, Holmes is of a similar level prospect as Kingham – just a notch below Glasnow.

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