Pirates Activate Charlie Morton, DFA Radhames Liz

The Pittsburgh Pirates have activated Charlie Morton from the 15-day disabled list. To make room on the active roster, the team has designated Radhames Liz for assignment. The move for Morton was expected, since he is the scheduled starter for tonight’s game. As for Liz, this isn’t an unexpected move, although it wasn’t exactly clear how the Pirates planned to clear a spot for Morton.

The addition of Morton moved Vance Worley to the bullpen, which meant that someone from the pen had to go. It made sense that this was Liz, since Worley essentially took his spot. Liz had a 4.41 xFIP in 17.1 innings, with a 9.35 K/9 and a 5.19 BB/9. His walks were way too high, which has always been an issue for him.

The Pirates signed him for $1 M, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he clears waivers and is outrighted to Indianapolis. He’s a hard thrower, averaging 94 MPH on his fastball. If he does make it to Triple-A, we’ll get a chance to see if he can get the control straightened out. However, there might be better options ahead of him, such as Blake Wood, or John Holdzkom, when he eventually returns.

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Troy B

Worley is garbage. Liz is garbage. It is a toss-up. I would have kept Liz because of the higher upside.


Liz’s upside is still less than worley already gave you last year. Why do people forget that?


Good to see Ground Chuck back in action. Looked like he was getting stronger in 5th, 6th, 7th.

Hit the daily double last night: got both the Denny’s breakfast for Cervelli’s HR and the Chik-Fil-A sandwich in the double play inning!

I don’t know if I really care a whit whether Liz clears or not. But I think it’s likely he does.


so do you get the stomach pumped for free?

Blaine Huff

Any chance Liz might be stretched out as a starter?



Blaine Huff

As all he’s shown as a reliever…

…why not?


He’s not a very good reliever and the Pirates have ridiculous depth at starting pitcher. Seems a waste of resources. Honestly, I’d feel more confident in Sampson and Sadler than Locke right now and those guys are still sitting in AAA. We have Taillon, Kingham, and Glasnow all set to join the ML staff in the next year and there aren’t even rotation spots available for all of them. Liz would be awfully far down on the depth chart anyways. He has a live arm and should be working on consistency as a reliever cause that’s where the Bucs need depth.

Scott K

I’m surprised at this move. NH must believe Liz will clear waivers. Hope his gamble pays off.

Luke S

Pretty small gamble, considering losing Liz doesnt really empty his role and he hasnt been effective thus far. Not to say he cant figure it out going forward, but he clearly needs time to work on something to get his control better. His knock has been poor control and command, and that hasnt gotten a great deal better while in PIT.


I would have DFA’d Worley, since Liz seems to have greater upside as a reliever. I would not be shocked if someone grabs Liz, $1 million is not a deterrent. I think Worley would have had more of a chance of clearing waivers.

Time to DFA Hart as well…and bring up Romero, Hernandez, or Lombardozzi.


Why would you DFA worley, HE actually pitched well in the majors last year and again a few years ago. Twice more than Liz has ever done…..


a month of bad pitching after nearly a year pitching well and you are booting him out the door. Worley ACTUALLY HAS TRADE VALUE, why the hell would you DFA him?


What kind of upside does a 31 year old who has walked 6 per 9 over his scattered MLB career have?


Liz unquestionably has greater upside than Vance Worley as a reliever.


Worley’s upside is back in the rotation long term, which is still greater than Liz as a reliever.


Wait… you don’t like Worley? When did this happen? I don’t recall you mentioning this before


Did I mention I don’t like Worley? Not a big fan or Morton either, but the team has hitched its wagon to him – sink or swim.

Did I mention I don’t like Worley??

Luke S

Here’s hoping he gets through waivers and keeps working on his control issues at Indy.


Any chance, if he clears waivers, they try and stretch him out as a starter in AAA?


there’s always a chance. I doubt it though since Volstad has had his starts cut and realistically he has pitched better- with Taillon coming back, i just don’t see it without additional injury

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